London Discovery Flight Won't Load

All of the new Discovery Flights load except London. It attempts to load, but it never completes the process.

Been having same problem here, tried repeatedly, blue bar flies across to about 2/3rds the way then suddenly stands and takes around 5 minutes slowly struggling to the end and then just sits there as if churning away data, cpu and gpu are engaged and fans blowing away but nothing happens?.. however shut down sim and then move the London City AIrport and UK London POI packs out of the Official Store folder to my own made Swap Community folder and London all works again when restarting sim and loading flight but on basic old scenery?.. I listed this issue a couple days ago here hoping maybe someone knew a fix.

Sadly the hotfix doesnt appear to fix this specific issue i.e. London related flights. I did notice when all the moved files were placed back into correct folders you can start a flight outside London but as soon as you approach London, London Heathrow or London City airports… i.e. anywhere getting close or near or around London, sudden CTD occurs every time.

As I said it before appears likely the ORBX packs sat in the UK World Update Pack? with the POI and London City ones… maybe the cause?.

Same situation here! I have from ORBX the add-ons: EGLC London City Airport and Landmarks London City Pack. After some long trial and testing I deleted these 2 ORBX add-ons and now both the London Discovery Flight and any normal flight from EGLC London City Airport will now normally load and start without any problems.

yes… some areas in england have issues…

Also for interesst