Long-Time Bugs Since Launch Day - Why Aren't They Getting Fixed?

I’m guessing we were all excited when MSFS first came out, but it did have quite a few bugs. We hoped that they would be addressed soon, and I assumed they would be. So here came more revisions, and instead of fixing bugs, more were introduced. After several more revisions, it seemed like MSAsobo began to listen and fixed some of the more irritating stuff (to me personally), like the flight ending when the engines were shut down. Then we found that instead of starting a new trend of fixing bugs, they started to put their time and effort into more eye candy. Now keep in mind that MSAsobo knew about the Reno races and Top Gun long before we knew they were coming out, so their attention has always been diverted from bug fixes. No doubt they were given a deadline and they were told to deliver. They had to push to get those DLCs done (or coordinate them), and the fixes would just have to wait.

So now we’ve had no telling how many actual code changes (including some that were just ‘done’ with no explanation) and this is the result. And we have no idea how many ‘fixes’ were applied to their in-house servers either. MSAsobo is pointing to all the DLC they put out to congratulate themselves as they make the mother ship happy, all while trying to keep everything running with spit and paper clips along the way. When you add that together, you get a company that’s swimming upstream because they can’t fix what they’ve done, and it’s way too late to start over.


I couldn’t have said it better. I am quickly getting turned off from MSFS. It is not what was sold to us. I find myself looking more and more forward to X-Plane 12.
For now I am going back to FS9 and all of the addons that work. I still use MSFS but less and less as time goes on.

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Most of the things in this post I would call inadequate design/implementation rather than bugs. The only thing I would really call a bug is ATC going silent midway through a flight. That said, this is a “flight” simulator not a “passenger” simulator. If the AI copilot is going to do everything, what’s the point? The only thing I use it for is ATC comms when I’m flying an airliner. If I’m flying GA, I do it all myself.

That’s just my opinion. I am well aware that that different people have different ways that they use the sim to make it enjoyable for them.

Nearly everything stated by the OP related to the AI pilot. Since i don’t use it i have never seen any of these issues. I see no bugs (other than unavoidable world scenery glitches) so i like these new updates coming out and want more!

They are fixing bugs but they have to move the sim forward as well. The cost of MSFS is huge and they need to keep all the users as happy as they can rather than stop everything and focus on a particular feature for a subset of users.

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They are there, whether you see them or not. :wink:

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So if an airline pilot works with a copilot and wants him/her to handle ATC communications, the pilot may as well just leave the cockpit and sit in a passenger seat, right? That’s ridiculous to simplify and downplay these issues and label it as a “passenger simulator”. The flight sim should - you know - sim flights, in the same way they are operated in the real world. That includes utilizing a copilot to help with ATC communications and/or flight controls and/or autopilot. This reduces the workload for the PIC. These are supposed to be functional features in the sim. These are advertised to be features in the sim. So why is it so bad that people aren’t too happy when it doesn’t work as advertised? They should do the right thing and get it to work the way it’s supposed to.

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I agree with your sentiment, that an implemented feature should work correctly. I would never disagree with that, although some 3PD’s would argue the toss.

What I would add to this is you have to include the impact of this to the community as a whole. I would imagine you are in a minority of people that want the AI to do everything. Note that this is separate to the AP, which you have to program, and instruct.

If the community doesn’t make a large enough fuss about this, then it won’t get much traction. Things like flight model issues, weather implementation, performance, CTD’s…all these will cause it to take a back seat, till such as time as such higher value items are resolved.

ATC communications is the only thing I use the AI copilot for. In airliners, that’s totally realistic. But your original post also mentioned the AI copilot not taxing correctly, not holding altitude in cruise and not correctly performing approaches and landings. If the AI copilot is doing all those things for you, what are you doing as the pilot? That was the source of my “passenger simulator” comment. If you really want to simulate a two pilot cockpit crew you need something like FS2Crew.

The rolling cache setting is disappeared since last update. It is fundamental flaw which completely ruin the game world. I have almost given up the game cause the world looks burry all the time. Again there is still no fix. The only response is “under investigation”. So frustrating

Rolling cache, or manual cache?

I do not see this.

Who cares? It’s supposed to work. How and when I use the AI Pilot is irrelevant. The point is that it doesn’t work correctly.

There are different times when I choose to use it, and other times when I choose not to use it. If I engage the AI Pilot to take care of the taxiing while I am investigating / learning / doing something else in the cockpit, it’s very disruptive to have to stop what I’m doing and rush to stop the aircraft when it fails to hold position.
Or perhaps I’m examining different airports, routes or options while the AI Pilot is supposed to be climbing or holding altitude, and I’m getting bombarded with “Please Expedite Your Climb” messages every 10 seconds.

And even if certain users do want to just click on the AI Pilot to handle everything… simply so they can look at the scenery … THE SIM IS SUPPOSED TO DO IT. The feature is right there in the game, and they advertised it as well.

So your snarky “Passenger Simulator” comment is irrelevant. Stop trying to put people down for how they choose to use the sim. The bottom line is that these are basic core features that were featured with the sim since launch, and they don’t work correctly. And instead of fixing the issues, they keep putting out more and more buggy content.

So, circling back to the original question of the post… why aren’t these issues getting fixed?
If you have nothing to actually contribute to the conversation without being snarky or condescending, take your comments elsewhere.


I don’t think any of us can answer that categorically, but we can guess as to reasons why, which I have already done.

The issue will affect everyone, but not enough people care enough to kick up a fuss about it.

What you could do yourself is log a Zendesk ticket about it, detailing your experience.

You could also either find an existing thread that details this issue, or create your own in the relevant, non-General Discussion thread, which I imagine would be this one:

This one seems to fit the bill:

The bug has already been logged, but what you would be doing by logging a Zendesk ticket is adding another instance of this issue causing problems.

I’ve already done this many many times.
I believe the reasons why these never get to the top of the list is because with every new feature / release / update, comes another long list of new bugs that need to be fixed, and everybody makes a big fuss about those new ones. Meanwhile, the old ones get moved to the back of the line.
People are far less likely to make Zendesk tickets over and over and over about the same issues they’ve already complained about, and so these older problems never get addressed. In addition, most of these problems have already been labeled as “Bug Logged” for a VERY long time, but never seem to get fixed.

So in my opinion, I wish they would severely slow or postpone these constant new features and updates that bring more and more problems, and instead focus on all of these issues that they never seem to have time to pay any attention to.

I have previously participated in the thread you have listed, and filed multiple Zendesk reports - but as you can see, that thread is dated all the way back to October of 2020!!! And the same problems are there! This is my issue - it’s nearly 2 years later. Why isn’t this getting more attention from the team to get these old issues resolved?

It’s beyond frustrating, to the point where I no longer want to use the sim. So I only fire it up once in a while after an update comes out to see if anything gets fixed or improved - and I’m always disappointed.


They do have a lot of “technical debt”, as they call it, to work through. It’s rated number 5 for most voted on aircraft systems, falling behind GPS, flight model, and anomalous electrical behaviour.

Sadly there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get a clearer, more large scale picture of all bug threads, as you have to sort by votes for each category. If you look at the install/performance group it would just squeak in at number 10. So you are right in one respect that newer issues might get more votes, but it only illustrates the impact a given issue has on the community.

I don’t think Asobo follow those votes religiously, but it is an indicator for them of what the community want.

They want this fixed, but not as much as they want PG, CTD’s, and flight model issues fixed.

For example, I never use the AI pilot, so this issue won’t affect me one bit, so I wouldn’t necessarily vote on that thread I posted.

It’s Called rolling cache in xbox version. There is a topic of this bug in the forum. This bug was logged but no fix so far

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I don’t use AI much but I guess others do. The fundamental question is still why no fixes for long standing problems? And why keep adding more and more eye candy when the basics are still not working the way they should. Every update brings new problems but no one seems to want to fix what is broken.

When I first flew MSFS2020 I was amazed at what the simulator could do and the scenery was spectacular. Then the inclusion of X-Box and things changed. The scenery was not so good as it had been in the past and the whole sim seemed “dumbed down” so it was more a “game” instead of a simulator. I understand that Microsoft is a big business and they need to keep selling “widgets” if they are going to stay profitable and one good way to do that is to port over all computer games to the X-Box so they can sell more X-Boxes. Since MS does not sell “computers” this strategy to them makes perfect sense. Selling a lot of software for just over $100 does not make them a lot of money. Selling X-Boxes @ $500 a unit makes them much more money AND if the person buys an X-Box they will probably want to buy more “games”. A win-win for MS.


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Imagine it, perhaps? I wouldn’t expect, nor would I want to see Asobo investing any deep time in doing a proper virtual pilot or ATC simulation. There are or will be great 3rd party add-ons that can provide virtual pilot capabilities. Even some of the higher caliber payware aircraft can simulate some of this. A virtual pilot in a flight simulator will never be as feature-rich as one created by a Third-party. There hasn’t been since the beginning of flight simulation.

As for ATC, there is VATSIM or other virtual ATC simulation for folks who want REAL ATC immersion. Default simulation platforms are horrible at ATC.

Yes, this. Add to it VATSIM and the OP would have what they are discussing. Whether or not there are bugs with it - no doubt there are, it will never provide what you will get with these aforementioned solutions.

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