Longitude flight director

I know these issues are being looked at by developers but I thought I would go on record with latest update:

I have never experienced any CTD until the latest update. Now it happens regularly?

The aircraft breaks off GPS heading, turns and plummets toward ground. Flight director modes stop working for a moment

Can no longer here call outs-volume is at max

Baro altitude problem causing ATC to request altitude adjustment

Not sure if this kind of report is providing enough data for anyone to know when the bugs you listed do happen, how to reproduce etc.
Why did you delete the questionnaire that is required and inserted as a template when opening a thread in this section?

Also it’s usally better to report separate bugs in separate threads rather than listing all of them in one.

@Coppersens has basically already explained, that this topic should be closed,
as it does not adhere to the category guidelines.

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