Longterm for XBox

To be clear, it’s not our DRM that’s the issue. It’s theirs. The problem is, apparently, related to our usage of WASM and custom code. There’s some kind of foible in their implementation of their store DRM that blocks the WASM from functioning.

We wait… patiently… hoping they do get this fixed.


H, I know it’s theirs, and I know you guys have been waiting for 3.5 months now. Corsair has been one of my favorites since Black Sheep Squadron in the 70’s. Sorry they have kept you all waiting like this.

@Krazycolin, a pleasant surprise to see you here. God knows why you’d find your way in this thread of all places. I have to ask. What’s your take on the current and future state of things on Xbox? Does MilViz have a future here? Do we have your support, are you keen to ride out this dysfunctional storm we on Xbox find ourselves in?

I’m with @tgbushman, I also want the Corsair, of course the SR71 and I’m even keen on the 310, It’s such a massive tease and most definitely cruel that they feel so close but so far away for us on console.

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That is an unfair question to ask a developer. They have a relationship with Microsoft, and business requires they keep things at a professional distance.

But they have already said, as soon as this DRM issue gets fixed, they want their planes available to Xbox.

Unfair, a step too far? Yeah fair enough and I’m sorry if that’s the case, my bad but “Ill-Intentioned”, hell no and it’s best that I clear that up quick smart in case things get taken the wrong way.

I’m going to pick up the Night Enhancments for San Francisco and San Jose today and give them a go.

I’d been flying there last night, which is what got me thinking about the scenery packs.

@tgbushman have you see the thread about throttle issues and the need to remap to Throttle Axis 1 from the standard Throttle Axis? I’m wondering if you’re running into this since you mentioned throttle issues.

We’d love to have our stuff work on the Xbox… I’m sure we’re not alone in that… but, afaik, nothing with WASM in it works.

So we all have to wait till it’s fixed.


Well according to that, it was introduced with the hotfix, and I was in the beta. When I had the issue, I asked around the forums and the beta threads, but got no response. Of course, beta if you mentioned anything other that the clouds, you were met with crickets.

When I get my PC installed, if I still have issues, then I will give that a try. Thanks

I have NY, Vancouver, Toronto, Miami, Seattle night enhancement and they are great. Of course with NY I have the NY City pack as well and have to fly out of NJ or get a CTD from JFK

I had to add a second throttle key bind on two planes for them to work correctly. So, you might want to try that on anything with throttle issues.

same with me, the mouse wont help out either

Ok, so I got them and am flying over San Francisco right now. Wow, does it look so much better! It some ways it looks a bit hyperreal, but that is fine by me. Really, really cool to have these improvements for night flights, which is such a great way to enjoy the major metropolitan areas.

It looks like the SF package also included Oakland (my home for the first 28 years of my life), which is a mega bonus.


tried that but didnt work for me. using the keyboard commands for the throttle

Yeah, there are things you don’t even notice unless you do a quick compare with and without. Like Chicago, you notice the one building is blue. You also notice the thruway to the west of Chicago is all lit up (as it should be). But when flying along the lake shore line, it’s pretty dark. The night package has small lights scattered along the shore in place, as it would be with houses and such (I’m not sure why they aren’t lit without the pack). And the pier off of Chicago is lit. Things you wouldn’t really notice so much as what they did, but it’s there none the less, and makes it so much better. One of the cities in holland (I forgot the name of it), you could actually see the red light distract. I had heard the term, nut I didn’t know it really was a district that the lights were all red… lol. All in all, I’m pleased with them, and just flying around Florida at night since there are so many cities there that are enhanced is very cool.

Nice! I grew up in Castro Valley!

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East Bay in the house! Haha!

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I wish we could fly in and out of the former Alameda Naval Air Station.

I do, too. I used to go down to the pier, grab a polish sausage and watch the Navy pilots do touch & gos.

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I had been thinking of getting the San Fran enhancement as well as the south Florida area enhancements but hadn’t pulled the trigger due to my lockup\crash issues a few weeks earlier with some add-ons I had gotten. But now I at least know how to troubleshoot and disable if any going forward cause problems. I will probably pick some up.

So you’ve basically got 2 cities covered? That’s a pleasant surprise. The big thing is, how does the Golden Gate, Bay Bridge and Alcatraz look? Do they get some light?