Looking for info about A320 Overhead Panel

Hi !
I am looking to build Overhead panel with Arduino , Does someone maybe have a list with all the parts that is needed ?

Hi !
I’m working on it.
You need a lot of stuff & TIME, first a 3d printer for korrys (many STL are available) + Arduino or Elegoo Mega (minimum x5) + LED 3mm (+ resistors) + a lot of wires (28awg) + switches…
Maybe on Youtube or Web you will have more details.
Good luck!

Thanks man
Do you have good stl’s for the entire overhead panel ? I couldn’t find for the A320

Unfortunately no. I use co2 laser to cut my panels from DXF or SVG models.

Can you please send me the files you are using , Maybe I will go with that route instead

MobiFlight/mobiflight-panels: A repository with open source panel designs for flight simulation. (github.com)

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Here’s the link (open it with adobe illustrator)

You save +10h of drawing and remember you have to check perimeter for each buttons, function of your own dimensions :grinning:
Best regards

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