Looking for some world places of interest, and their airport codes

This a beautiful sim and the scenery is awesome. I would like to experience all parts of the world in the daytime. When its nighttime in Australia I try to scan the world and find a place to fly where its daytime. But sometimes I just end up at a big airport near a city.

I have no idea in the world where are the prettiest scenery and places to visit are. I’m basically looking for some airport codes around the world that would give me the above. I would happy if simmers in Europe, North America, Canada and Asia could suggest some good airport codes that are not near a big city and give some beautiful scenery to fly over.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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If GA is your taste you may want to check these out.

Well I can help with something in the US.
1L8 - 00UT - KBCE - 1L7 - KLOA - KHVE
If you generally follow Utah route numbers 9, 89, 12, and 24 on the map then that is pretty much a scenic route through the US state of Utah.

I’m always interested in suggestions outside the US too

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May I suggest my (free) flight planner, GTFP?

You can pick one of 253 ‘Wonders’ and it will give you a plan from the nearest airport, to the ‘wonder’, and back to the airport.

If you do not want to actually load the flight plan into MSFS, GTFP will give you the code of the airport, the lat/lon of the ‘wonder’, and distances and headings.

Furthermore, you can put in your own POI (e.g. ‘Great Pyramid of Giza’) and GTFP can provide a route to that from the nearest airport (and give you the AP code).

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I’d suggest any airport on the west coast of Norway. Enjoy!

  1. Switzerland has some of the most beautiful scenery in the game because the data quality is top-notch (perfect satellite imagery, great mesh). Take-off from LSVE for example, fly towards Interlaken or anywhere else. Just make sure to stay in Switzerland, don’t fly to Italy or France.

  2. Africa: take-off from GQPA, fly east towards the Richat Structure. The landscape along the journey is beautiful.

The Alps have beautiful scenery.
Bolzano Airport has a great area.
Try a trip from Bolzano to Innsbruck LiPB - LOWI

Any RNAV approach 19L or 19R into KLAS. You get the entire Strip in front of you and pax get to see it when you land. I know it’s a city approach the but the views are still fantastic

KLGA has a really nice approach via the Hudson and Manhattan just zooms by. Again, City but still a fantastic route to fly if you’re paying attention

KASE or KTEX (Aspen and Telluride Colorado). Amazing canyon run approach. I’d say a bit easier than Innsbruck (LOWI) or Paro (VQPR) as far as approaches go. Both LOWI and VQPR also have amazing canyon run approaches

You can depart Cuzco Airport in Peru (SPZO) and head south and spot the Nazca Lines or head west and tour the Andes mountains. The Challenge will be staying aloft with the thin air!

Island Nations in the Carribbean, Micronesia, Polynesia or Melanesia (Tonga, Fiji, Papua New Guinea etc) make for good puddle jumps and bush flying. Start at St Maarten (TNCM) or St Barthélemy (TFFJ) and see how it feels

Last but not least, the Last Frontier: Alaska. Start at PANC, head north and look for Santa Claus

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. Its time to try them all out… :grinning: