Lost connection message

Asobo, can you PLEASE remove the in screen message that the connection was lost, which i can only remove by clicking “okay”: i have to let go of the joystick to move my mouse…during the last 500 feet in landing. Just create two small round lights which can be turned on in options in the corner of the screen: green light, good connection, red light, no connection…thats all



I want better solution because this kind of message is very important to see, although it goes out after while or after reconnect. It can be better to have still all controls available and I can agree that maybe messages like this one can be located at up left/right corner where probably will not do more problems :wink:

The problem with the message is, if they pop up on your screen, your plane are out of control until you press ok. That’s my problem.


not only yours, and surely a big problem in helicopter (closer to ground ) almost always crash…

It is Whale-Size annoying :triumph:

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The message should be ‘passive’, like the green “successful connection” popup (or whatever it says), so you don’t have to interact with it. Crazy! Context: I span off the runway whilst landing on Vatsim because of this popup blocking the flight controls.


Please contribute to this Wishlist topic:

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I don’t find the message useful at all. If I want to tell, I look out the window and see the scenery has dropped in quality. If I can’t tell that way, knowing isn’t useful to me, it just pulls me out of the immersion. What useful purpose does the message serve for you that couldn’t be conveyed just by looking out the window?

I’d like to lend my voice to a change for this.

I had the disconnect window pop up at the “10” call out on final the other day, during a challenging cross wind landing, it didn’t end well!

Please, Microsoft makes this window less invasive, and not require an acknowledgement. Let’s us retain control of the aircraft when it occurs.


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