Too intrusive "Connection lost" message

Hi everyone,

I submitted a ticket but please vote.

Unfortunately lately my DSL connection is not stable (provider issue), but this was happening when the connection was lost otherwise previously.
Until, when connection was lost, I had a non intrusive notification in the sim and same when it got back.
Since latest update (or maybe because this time it’s my internet connection), the connection lost is not a simple notification but a message that I have to acknowledge by pressing OK or enter.
This thus disable all controls, the sim is still running but as all peripherals are deactivated the plane goes down.
Therefore, if this happens on short final, or anywhere close to the ground, boom, it’s a crash for the flight.

This really need to be changed so that it gets back to a non intrusive notification.

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I am awaiting a non-BT hub and meanwhile mine is doing the usual thing they al seem to (after a few months) of cutting out briefly every so often. But during challenges or at other critical moments up comes a big banner that kills the view - then another one a few moments later telling me its all restored. I would prefer it at the top or bottom of the screen.


They changed the connection lost warning to a dialog box with OK button in the middle off the screen. Since my connection can get patchy during prime time (server usually disconnects and connects again a few seconds later at certain times of the day) it was only a matter of time before the dialog box blocked the entire screen on final approach…

Is there a way to turn it off (back to how it was) and is there a way to see whether you are currently connected or not?


This scared me, after a 7hr flight on final. There was always a small notification on the top right corner, not this huge OK button.

Yeah same for me. First time it was on a short final after 6 hours flight, thus shutting down all controls and boom, crash… :frowning:

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I haven’t seen the latest update that just came out as I’ve been busy at work and life, but I doubt this has changed. But the warnings, especially about server disconnection (my internet connection never goes out, when the warning pops up I ping a DNS server and I have a monitoring daemon pinging another computer on my network for uptime) was annoying in release thru update 4…update 5 made it a larger annoying thing. I like to record my flights. It is very annoying that if I were to want to stream my videos to youtube or twitch to get this annoying false positive covering a significant potion of my view.

Can it be placed in an alert icon in the top right corner or on the menu bar? Give me an option to disable the notification completely so I can enjoy a flight with my physical cockpit without the annoyance of something I don’t want to see that is not interfering with my experience in any way?

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I’ve seen this several times, what’s also annoying is that I’m on a stable, hardwired fiber gigabit connection, and my internet is always solid. There seems to be a problem on MS’s side. I’m thankful this hasn’t caused me to actually crash (yet), but I’ve been close.


I also keep getting this same annoying message even though my internet is also stable and relatively fast. Everytime it pops up, I check my other devices to make sure I’m still actively connected and sure enough I am. Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this bug, but it always seems to pop up at the most inconvenient times in flight. I never had this problem before the latest patch and I don’t understand why it’s so intrusive. Like why black out the whole dang screen?


Seem to have the same issue. Even though I am on a stable cable connection. But not quite sure if it`s a bug or a server problem either on MSFS 2020 or steam? :thinking:

The message is really very annoying. Who thinks up something like that? In the future they might add a “Like” button or some advertising… :slight_smile:


The same applies to the „reconnected“ msg as well as the Msg about using the „back on track“ feature after every takeoff during bush trips.


Never seen this message before, this intrusion needs rectifying immediately at it’s the last thing you want during important manoeuvres or Landings, can’t believe it’s been allowed to get this far as it is.

Edit: It should be the same as the Successfully Connected message and most importantly without the need for a Mouse Click.


Agree 100% disconnecting all control input because of the message is stooopid. Got this while taking off about 200 ft above ground… crashed because I lost input control until I clicked the OK button.

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Bump. A lot of disconnects tonight due to FS servers and again it caused a crash on takeoff because of this. Please vote guys.


Today is rough, I’ve had that annoying dialog box block the screen over a dozen times already. I’ve had it right before touch down locking out the controls and blurring the screen.

Had it every 3-5 mins for about and hour of a 90 min flight today. But normally had a task manager window open for watching download speeds anyway and each time I got the disconnect popups downloads(MSFS only thing running besides firefox) kept right on downloading, then 20 secs or so later would get a little white box that said connection established.

When disconnect would pop up if you were in world map. ALL would map objects would disappear. A real pain your in the middle of planning out a flight. Had to start over a few times.

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Yep, like a lot of others I am getting it constantly today. Only time it’s ever been an issue for me (never seen this pop-up before today). Still says I have my normal 30ms ping to the US West server. No other connectivity issues anywhere else outside the game. Just non-stop disconnects and reconnects in MSFS all day.

I’m assuming it’s because it’s Thanksgiving and a lot of people are online playing. Servers unable to keep up with demand.

For what it’s worth I’m on a 360 Mbps down, 12 Mbps up cable connection about 65 miles from the Microsoft headquarters.

I’ve been bugged with this issue being connected to the western european servers since release day, never had a single day of using MSFS without several disconnects and reconnects while the game is running. I agree that while flying this message shouldn’t pop up like it does currently, especially since the user won’t be able to do anything about it as it’s 99,9% a problem on Microsoft’s infrastructure.

Besides graphics, is there ANYTHING about this sim that’s better than FSX?

Yes, I started getting “Connection Lost” messages with the last update…unknown if there is a correlation, or just more people playing. It’s horrible getting this when you’re < 30 seconds from landing!