Lost title: Tech Alpha Insider

Why does it no longer say “Tech Alpha Insider” after my name in the forum?

I’m still an insider on MSFS Home as far as I can see… :thinking:

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Do you see it in profile summary> preferences>titles? you can select it there

Mine vanished too, the title option is gone as well.

No Titles on mine either…

I see I’m not the only one that got “my wings ripped” for some unknown reason, so I’m guessing there’s something going on… :confused:


Test… abcdefg

Hmm still got mine.

They vanished for a few of us a couple of days ago. Some have had theirs returned, I seem to have been missed, but hold out hope it’ll be returned when a mod has time.

Doesn’t really matter, but it’s still nice to be acknowledged as being one of them :slight_smile:

Agreed, seems empty without it now. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am looking into it



A community manager managed to return the title to some yesterday. So it’s kind of known and apparently fixable. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I just re-transmitted a moderator’s post on another topic that looks similar.

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They have decided to rip our wings for later testing for some reason.
Well, that was too fun to be continued…


Added back the users I’ve confirmed on this thread. There is currently a bug that took out a small number of people from the role. Our apologies!


Thank God you didn’t turn uas all into Tech Alpha Outsiders :upside_down_face:

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Is mine back?

Hi, can you fix mine too please?