Surprise for alpha / beta testers?


In your Account Prefrences, you can select the Title you would like to use.

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That vanished for me too when I lost the title. It’s an error that can be corrected by letting the mod staff know. They will look into it and correct the error.

Don’t have this option :frowning:

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Contact a mod team member and say your alpha title is gone. They will verify you and you’ll get it back.

For attention Alpha/Beta testers, as has been mentioned above: See this thread in relation to you ‘losing’ access to alpha forums and your title. You can respond there.

There’s a bug in the system that sometimes accidentally removes people from the alpha forum group. Posting in that thread should alert the relevant people for you to be re-added to the group.

Don’t attempt to try and gain access by this method if you were never an alpha/beta tester as each account is manually verified!

Good point , man! Well at least we have respect from community for us being helpfull, that’s a good thing too :slight_smile:

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So the surprise is just the title in this forum?

During the live it sounded more like a livery of some sort. They are probably busy on something else…

Does anybody know - what did I miss?


Chocolate Medals.
Unfortunately they melted in the post.


The surprise was “ no surprise” :joy:


Yay! Surprise, it’s no surprise!

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A release date of August 18th?


You asked a good question all jokes aside , what was it?

I really don’t know anymore, I did think it would be liveries, but nothing showed up in the marketplace.

I saw on another post that someone got a MSFS branded t-shirt. May have been a lie but that is what I heard. R

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I have my doubts, giving 18000 alpha/beta testers a t-shirt seems expensive.

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Alot of the top YouTube’s and twitch people got alot more than that.

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That I can believe, they are cheap advertisement for MS.

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