Low drawing distance

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Hi, this is something I have been noticing since the first day MSFS was released - at higher altitudes or at a distance, even with maximum terrain LOD and ultra settings, drawing distance quickly gets too low. Zooming in seems to make the situation even more obvious.

All “degraded LOD” reports aside, drawing distance has been rather low since the release, with lots of popping in and melted buildings at a distance. Do you have plans to increase drawing distance?

Thanks in advance.

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I need to mention that the issue is a lot more obvious when in full-screen mode and sitting close to the monitor, so these screenshots might not do it justice. Both screenshots are from the release version, but severity of the issue is still the same.

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i7-6700, GTX 1070, 16 GB of RAM, 35 Mbps internet connection.

Note to moderators: This is not another “degraded LOD” thread, but about drawing distance being low since MSFS was first released. Therefore please don’t merge it with other “degraded LOD” threads.

Another note: The thread has been edited to only mention low drawing distance, as it was a duplicate for the “blurry ground textures” part. See the link here: Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth

Its sad but I dont think this is something fixeable
If you stream a higher quality ortho on a bigger area (when you are out of ground) would require too much from your internet and overload their servers

This is what I’m thinking too, but Sebastian’s comments on that were more hopeful, which is why I ended up creating the thread.


To help prevent duplicate votes, can you look at this topic if it is the same. It’s ground textures from varying heights:

That topic has been noted by the team.


This is really close to the issue I’m having, however it doesn’t mention rather low drawing distance since the release.

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Your post is perfect! Thanks for putting that link to the other topic. :+1:


Thank you for posting this issue.