Low fidelity ground textures

Is this a generic issue for everyone? I was flying at Wexford Country (KCAD) prior to the update. I’m doing a Checkride for a single engine addon commercial and I have no been there so what better than to get some familiarity through msfs. It’s a low fidelity area so no photogrammetry and the sat imagine isn’t excellent but fairly detailed none the less. Fast forward to after the update. The ground textures look horrible with no detail almost like it’s a generic xplane grass textures. Many of the buildings are gone and the green texture looks washed out.

Check that Bing Data hasn’t been turned off. I’m not sure how this happens, but mine has turned off occasionally, with similar results to what you are describing.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a try

Beautiful scenery from MSFS. Graphics of the future!


Depends where you are in the world also. The US has amazing ground textures but Asia looks last gen

Yep the ground textures have definitely taken a hit with Sim Update 5.
I wasn’t that impressed with them before with Ultra settings enabled, but now they look awful.
X-Plane 11 ORBX textures at lower levels look better.

Yep, wait for the “It’s your hardware, game settings, config files, glasses” that need changing before ASOBO admit they dialled down the graphic settings to enable XBox users a smooth experience.


Hi, I am new to this game. I took a flight from Dublin to London and I had a question, does 4000ft to 7000ft look this bad to everyone over UK?
The screenshot is default ultra settings. 100mbps/13MBps speed. All data settings in the data section are on with unlimited bandwidth(photogrammetry is ON).

If this is not normal, then I tried many fixes I could find. Like teredo stuff, xbox networking test on windows(my nat is open), gpedit.msc and etc.

How can I fix this issue?

Also, this one over Vancouver, Canada, is this normal? or is something wrong with the textures/graphics?

something is wrong with this game?

There are already bugs logged for this. Please close this and use an already voted thread. Will help calculate votes better.

I got it fixed right here. Seems like a server load issue but by turning on the rolling cache, my bandwidth usage increased and everything was streaming properly.

The fix:

The results of the fix, no more blurry or bad textured ground(NOTE that LOD is at 500):

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