Low FPS, but less than 50% hardware usage


Have huge problems with Performance. It did work well, but now it’s super slow performance like 5 fps. I have good hardware and they aren’t really in full use. The GPU and CPU is at only 20% and the ram at 60.

So what’s going on here?

If you have updated your nvidia drivers if your on nvidia go to the previous drivers many issue if that isnt the case im no too sure lots off issues on flight sim the past week

If you’re a Ryzen user also make sure your windows power profile didn’t get changed to Power Saving, I’ve had that happen on more than 1 occasion.

Sounds the same as this user

Okay thank you, so Wich are the beste drivers for Nvidia? I have a RTX 2060 super. Hope it will be better with the next update

Nvidia 457.30 seem to be the best - less stuttery - but it’s super important you remove the old drivers first - select a custom install and check the box to remove previous drivers - made a big difference for me.

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People seem to forget these updates are also for security as well as for performance myself haven’t notice any change in performance up or down since the first drive that mentioned MSFS. Just download the latest see how it performs if have issue’s roll back to the previous driver.

What are you using to view performance as for me and others windows task manager doesn’t show the correct GPU usage.

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For me it worked, did check it with msi afterburner…

I will try it now with the other driver and hope it will work :see_no_evil:


I hope you can figure it out- I had the same problem not too long ago. Did a reinstall and problem went away. Sometimes files get corrupted. Sometimes its something in the community folder, sometimes it’s a driver issue, sometimes it’s just a gremlin. One of the biggest issues I had was with render scaling- anything above 100 grinds my system to a screeching halt. 100 is fine, 99 is fine, 101- bam, slideshow.

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Yeah did figure that out too, just leave it at 100. So I did install the 457 driver and it’s working much better…

I tested a few things and it is the flight plan:
When loaded in no flight plan everything is fine, I have fps and no stuttering or something else. But when I add a flight plan with more than 3 points, it’s extremely lagging. So not able to plan longer flights yet I guess, hope this can be fixed…

Thats odd- what are you using for your flightplanning? What addons? Maybe you need to update those too…I’m happy to hear you’re making some progress.

Humm, wonder how I got on Driver 461.40. I’m running fine.


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No addons just the tool in msfs

Okay seems like it’s different to everybody

Hello, I am trying to limit FPS though the NVDIA control panel (latest driver 461.72) and it does not seem to work anymore - my FPS in the game exceeds it. I have disable v-sync in the Graphics options. Have people seen this or am I the only lucky one … ?