Low frames and GPU% during long haul

Currently on a flight from CYYZ to VHHH using the 787 Heavy mod. Tried this flight yesterday and noticed as I was passing over the artic, I lost all my frames. The flight was extremely stuttery, so I decided to end the flight and started again this morning. 8 hours in, and I’m having the same issue. Frames are at 3fps and gpu% is at 20. I do notice once I pause, fps is back up again…weird. I’m using the 787 heavy mod with the simbrief integration. Anyone have a fix for the fps loss? Thanks.

Probably the widespread traffic issue. Go to Settings → General → Traffic and disable traffic. If the framerate returns, you should be able to turn it back on again immediately and still have it back, but it will degrade over time again.

I thought they fixed this?

Not for me, at least. Have had it several times since hotfix #2.

Turn off live traffic worked for me.

Even with live traffic off, I get this issue ~7 hours into a Long Haul flight. FPS drops to 15 - 20fps.

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I didn’t mention, but I had literally everything disabled and nothing changed.

I have run into the same issue as well! This started well before SU5 and SU4. This always happens on ultra long haul (I’d say >10 hours) and it doesn’t matter if you are over polar regions or not. I can confirm that none of the suggestions has worked so far (ai traffic, live weather, lower graphics settings, no community content, etc.) and this has to be a bug in their programming. It also happens to me that whenever I pause, everything just goes back to normal.

The other day I was flying KMIA-VTBS and it got stuck over the north pole with the GPU utilization jumping between 0~20% and FPS between 1-10.

The only solution I have found so far is by breaking apart your flight plan into smaller chunks and feed them to the MCDU as you fly. This can sometimes prevent the game from getting stuck. I have done ZBAA-SAEZ twice successfully with the entire flight plan broken into segments, ZBAA-RJAA, RJAA-PHNL, PHNL-SAEZ. I suspect it has something to do with the programming of their nav system…it seems that the MCDU just cannot handle long flight plans.

Just my two cents.

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Maybe try something like CYYZ-CYIO, CYIO-UEEE, UEEE-VHHH?

That defeats the purpose of a working simulator. What plane were you flying during your experience? I was using the 787 heavy mod. Haven’t tried the flight with the asobo 787 though, I probably should to determine if it’s a heavy mod issue or sim issue.

Yeah it really sucks but that’s the only solution I have found so far. I was using the Asobo 787-10. I doubt this is just limited to one aircraft though and I am pretty sure this is a sim issue.

Just remember not to type in your final destination in the MCDU right from the start. You kind of have to trick the simulator into thinking that you are flying short to mid-range distances…

I have the very same issue, I was on a flight WSSS to RJAA. About 6-7 hours into the flight I get the same symptoms, low frames, low GPU usage.

When checking DEV mode the bottleneck were Main thread and Manipulators.

However one VERY strange thing I noticed this time which can indicate the issue. The moment I touched down the runway on landing (I mean the VERY moment) I regain all my frames and performance, back it was as smooth as butter.

It seems like something is bothering the sim while the plane is airborne.

I was also Flying 787 Heavy mod.

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Wow, this is same bug since a long time back then. Thanks for checking the other workarounds and feedback. Just from the fact this thread has hardly any votes, no-one really flies long haul that use this forum it can be said!

Experienced the same issue with the Asobo 747 (with the Salty Dev mod). The FPS drop was progressive rather than sudden (60 in EDDF, down to 10 or less approaching KORD after 8 hours)

Ran a test flight in Dev mode yesterday and found:

  • having a smartCARSs window open cost 10fps regardless. Solution: minimise the window.
  • Pausing did not help restore FPS.
  • switching from HIGH to LOW graphics settings did not offer any real gain (maybe 2-3) FPS.
    -switching off Live Traffic offered up a whopping 30fps in LOW.

In that configurationI held 70+ FPS for over 4 hours and after switching back to Ultra for the approach it held a happy 45fps. (I have a decent mid range spec: 32gb, i7, 2080 etc). And in HD, not 4K.

So unless you are in prison and need the benefit of that view out the virtual window, or have random failures set, I suggest switching down the settings once up in the cruise and going doing something more productive for the next 5-10 hours… Or just accelerate the SIM if you don’t have an ACARS running for your VA… Apologies if this shows a lack of commitment to the immersion!

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I’ve been getting this too. When pausing the sim the FPS returns. Same when on landing. But in cruise the FPS decays. In the FBW 320