Low/No Terminal Building and Autogen Buildings after SU5 Update

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None. All removed

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Since installing SU5, I not longer get autogen or terminal buildings drawn in some areas, with CYVR being particularly bad. Happens in 2D and VR. Tried resetting all settings to default, clearing rolling cache, removing all community folder options, ensuring data settings are turned on (I am seeing multiplayer aircraft and terrain is good quality, just no buildings drawn on it), Buildings set anwhere from low to ultra. Nothing brings these building back.

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i9, 3080, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD

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Not yet

Same issue after hotfix ( installed today.

Just finished, some what, recovering from the latest updates And noticed that KIAD Washington D airport buildings did not load? The only thing showing were the lower part of the buildings snd the boarding gateways?

Just another issue along with loss of cockpit buttons and throttle movement?

I have never had an issue with any airport loading?

Rtx3090, i9 overclocked, 64 gig!

Yes, it is very strange. While I am still getting no autogen or terminal buildings at CYVR, if I go a few miles south to KSEA, I get autogen and terminal building there!

Edit: Actually it turns out they are not autogen buildings at KSEA. If I turn off photogrammetry they disappear. And I’d say the reason the terminal building is present at KSEA is that it is one of the hand crafted airports.

Same here, missing buildings at egph and surrounding areas on both pc and xbox.

After no workable solutions emerging today, I’m doing a full reinstall now. I will report back on whether that fixes it.

I hope this works for u although seeing the same results on xbox I suspect the problem is with the core engine LOD and requires a fix from Asobo.

I’ve now reinstalled the base game and it has fixed the issue, yay, so it looks like the SU5 update process broke my previously fine installation before.

As to why it is an issue on Xbox, I do not know as SU5 had to be a fresh install in any case. I’m downloading the world updates now and will see if they break my now-working installation and will report back on the outcome.

I’m back in business! Only things lost are:

Throttle movement in cockpit does not move but throttle works

Ice protection buttons do not work anymore
Light buttons toggle but do not illuminate

Did you do a full reinstall or have you just been changing settings to do this?

All world updates installed and autogen building and terminals are still present, so all is now good :smiley:

me to at egph

San Bernardino International Airport (KSBD)

After su5,some of airport just lost terminal building or just some roofs left there,dont know why? I have resetting but no effect. Community fold cleared.

Looks like a scene out of The Langoliers


Funnily enough I was thinking the same thing regarding the pop-in effect. You are flying along, glance behind you, and find the surface scraped clean. :wink:

delete the content.xml and restart,the building of airport should come again!

What entry in the content.xml is doing that? I know why I’m deleting it, as the sim can only add things, not remove them. I’m just curious as to what you think I am removing here.

Seems like there is a work around: Can someone confirm or deny this one ? For UK mostly - #23 by TidalPopcorn618