Low performace on a second flight

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When the first flight is completed and the second flight is started from a different location, the stuttering increases compared to the first flight.
For example, if I return to the main menu after the first flight in Manhattan, then start the second flight in Melbourne, the fps will decrease and the stuttering will increase.
I think the memory doesn’t seem to be properly cleared after the first flight.

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i-9 11900K, RTX4080 64GB 1T SSD

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I found that this is related to the rolling cache. I deleted and turned it off and all the issues are gone.

During last weekend, I found how to eliminate sudden drops of fps on a second flight especially in Melbourne downtown area. In the past, last year, I experienced similar experience at the airport of Miami. At that time I resolved the issue by resetting the rolling cache by turning off and then on. And now I did the same thing but turning off permanently. Surprisingly all that fps drop disappeared like magic. And also I have found the similar post. Stutters when Rolling Cache file is fully filled and start to get rolled w/ new data - Bug Reports & Wishlist / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Yes. When it is fully filled up, the stutters will start happening.

The larger rolling cache file size is, the worse the stutters will be.