LSZH Add-On - Awesome Quality and Details

I recently purchased LSZH airport by FSDREAMTEAM and am amazed at the what can be accomplished by dedicated professionals in MSFS scenery add-ons.

There are animated people on the gallery, details inside the terminal building (shops, toilet, and signage) on the lower floor and even aging paintwork depiction on some of the jetways and of course detailed lighting etc.

This airport had become my favorite European airport in MSFS whether flying airlines or GA.

PS: I’m not affiliated with FSDREAMTEAM; just sharing my find with the community who may be interested.


I also bought it last week. I love it. And it got an update last week with “The Circle” Buildings.

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How is the Performance?

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No performance loss noticeable.

I believe PSDREAMTEAM offers a try before you purchase option with exactly the same functionality and features.

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Fsdreamteam is top-notch. I have several airports from them and they are all great.

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not on MSFS they do not.

I have LSZH as well as LFSB from FSDreamTeam. LFSB is even better, no drop in frame rate noticeable, where LSZH drops significantly. But for the price asked a bargain.


How much is the drop of the FPS?

Default scenery is 44 fps when taxiing at a certain position. At the same position in FSDT scenery I get 34 fps.

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“ On this page, there are Download links for all our products. They are all Trial versions, that can be unlocked into full versions by using the Serial Number found on your purchase receipt. There’s no separate “full” version download, the below links are the links to the only installers available, use them in all cases: if you want to simply Try our product, if you just purchased it and haven’t installed it yet, or if you need to Reinstall after a system upgrade.”

So there is a trial version when you purchase from their website.

44fps to 34fps, so no change in performance then as the human eye cannot detect that difference. More important is smoothness. You may see some slight hesitation as loading times are longer.

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44 to 34, no perfomance drop🤣


Not sure if serious or just making a joke. There’s a huge difference between 44 and 34fps for human eye.


To address anyone’s concern about performance, there is always the Trial Version available to download and checkout.

FPS is subjective in many instances; hardware configuration graphics settings, add-ons, user perception etc.

Personally I like this just like some others who have shared their opinions as well. Others may not find it palatable to their taste. To each his/her own.

What is non issue for some may be an issue for others; so trial version to judge for yourself.

Of course it’s not a joke. I have mine set at 30fps and it’s perfectly smooth. However, you do detect the very tiny hesitations in scenery loading. This increases with more complex scenery. If you had a game set at 20fps with perfectly smooth loading you would find it perfectly acceptable. Chasing frames will tie you up in knots. Go for smoothness.

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Completely agree. LFSB has less flickering on the jetways as well. It‘s slightly more expensive though, presumably because it‘s less popular. 10$ for LSZH is a real bargain indeed.

I can’t play on 20fps, it’s unplayable for me, smooth or not. I’m used to 80-100fps so even 30 or 40 feels not so good. But it’s a flight sim game so it doesn’t require quick actions and i’m good with 30-40fps now.
I never chased fps and not going to chase it.

Looks nice, I also bought EDDK Cologne Bonn airport over the weekend. Exceptional detail. I think Salzburg might be my next purchase followed by Sydney… but I’m just stalling until the MB.339 comes to the store… But actually what I really want is KLAS from FlyTampa. Gosh I’m going to go broke on this platform.

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So I have to buy something to get the Trial? So can I return if not entered the serial? Didn’t get this.

Hi @LokiDruide30

Details are here in the link.