LSZH RWY 34 traffic stack up and don't take off

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Traffic does not take off from runway 34. Instead the aircraft stack up on each other.

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Load in airport LSZH (Microsoft) and check departing traffic on runway 34

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Hi @BladeRunner962 ,
I notice the aircraft in your screenshots are all Swissair(?) Is this a livery mod? If so, do you have the same issue when using just the default AI traffic?

Yes I am using FSLTL injector and FS liveries but this error is scenery related.

When using FSDT LSZH this issue does not occur.

Therefore you should buglog it as it is a Microsoft/Gaya airport.

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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See screenshots below.
1: Two aircraft taxiing to Rwy 34
2: # 1 crosses hold short line & proceeds to Rwy
3: # 2 fails to stop at hold short, continues to follow # 1, which has now stopped on the Rwy.
4: # 2 continues, merges with # 1
5: Both aircraft now sit on the Rwy. After a few minutes, both disappear without taking off.

Partial Specs & current settings:
Build: SU15 (v1.37.19.0)
3rd-Party Addons: None, Community Addons: None
Flight configuration: Multiplayer: All Players. Traffic: Live, Weather: Live
i7-12700K (No overclocking or undervolting), 32 GB 5200 MHz DDR5 CL40, Intel Arc 770 (16GB, v31.0.101.5445).
Graphics Tab: Full Screen 3840 x 2160 TAA, Render resolution - 100, AMD Fidelity - 150, VSync - On, FRL - 33% MRR (120 Hz), HDR10 - On, DX12B, TLOD @ 400, OLD @ 200, Motion Blur - Off, Other settings - all Ultra (Water Waves & Glass Cockpit Refresh Rate @ High).
Traffic Tab: Aircraft Traffic Type - Real-Time Online, Slider Settings - All 100%, Generics (AI, MP) - Both Off, Show MP in Vicinity - On, Traffic Variety - Ultra
Data Tab: Data Connection: All six options - On, Data Limit - Off, Bandwidth - Unlimited, Rolling Cache - Off
Developers Tab: Developer Mode - Off
MSFS Version: MS-Store, Standard, plus All World and City Updates

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Hello - unfortunately AI planes at LSZH ("default“ Gaya version) runway 34 are not taking off….

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Will it be buglogged?

Hi @BladeRunner962
That would be up to the devs. It would be marked as feedback-logged first, as described up the Tags section in this post:
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