Major issues with turbulence - seriously unrealistic!

There’s the option to open a question before the Q&A, put in all relevant information etc.

Throwing in some links in the chat is certainly not the way to get attention since during the Q&A there is no time for Jayne to open links and read them.
Also external links are not welcome in the twitch stream which is probably the reason they got deleted.

Good to know… I didn’t know that. Anyway it doesn’t change a thing eventually. But by honesty I have to edit my previous post because it’s not about censure. My bad!

Thank you for the precious information! :wink:

I was gonna try to record some turbulence, but for some reason Gusts don’t work anymore. I can set a constant wind, but no matter how strong I want to set the gusts, it doesn’t work at all. And the gust graph is not working too.

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Same here and a 50kts crosswind looks more like 15kts (with and without gusts)

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Same here, I just tested it to check it out … something so so wrong! I can’t believe it

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Wind (Gust) is not Working on SU4 Update !


I have found a Topic

Vote for it and Raise the Bug.

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OMG ! As per his comment Asobo is devoloping a System to Educate People for Updraft and Downdrafts.
When they will reinstate Again? Ufff !

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I wouldn’t get to hung up on the accuracy of the turbulence, there’s just not an accurate way to duplicate real life turbulence in a sim. It’s just not gonna be the same.
I find turbulence super annoying on MSFS (or any sim for that matter) trying to tune a radio or guidance panel knob while it’s bouncing around is nearly impossible.
I am an airline pilot and the only time they turn on (or feel) any kind of turbulence in a full motion sim is with windshear escape training. And it’s done as an indicator of potential pending windshear.

With all due Respect ! How will you catch up a Button on this real 747 Landing?

Live weather should be real in any SIM ! That’s why it called a Simulator !

We have custom weather slider for Custom Setting or no Turbulence !


I remember plenty of trips in the King Air where I learned to hate their use of toggle switches. Trying to toggle one darn switch and completely unable to get lined up on without steadying my arm against my knee.
Sheepskin shoulder straps were an absolute must in the King Air. There were days when I really missed the wing flex on the 737.


Nah, that 747 is not in turbulence, those are just bumps.

Being able to actually physically hold a knob in turbulence is easy. Being able to switch between navigation charts on an IPad in even light turbulence is impossible. Hand goes down and the iPad goes up or vice versa.

Yeah Sir ! Lot many People prefer realistic Live Weather for MSFS. Especially in Weather Bug Issues, there are several Posts.

I think Customs settings can be used to Avoid, Bumps, Sheers, Drafts, Thermals and Turbulence.


Bro ! I am an ardent Promoter for Wind Sheer, Gusts, Drafts and Thermals.

What I found was 80% + Users, never needed a Turbulence of any Kind !

I am tired of replying and educating Casual Users on Forums and Discord Channel.
My hopes are getting cold seeing all these.

When Asobo will ever be able to think about these Issues, if the situation is like this screamed by Casual Users ! @MarinaraTrain42


Same here. I understand that they want to make lots of sales but median casual simmer will fly a bit and forget because it’s just “too boring to fly from point A to point B”, us, hardcore simmers, will leave this sim because it’s just extremely boring to fly with 0 weather effects except icing. Such developers’ attitude is no good, imo. They will lost customers from both groups in the end.

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Infact, they can easily implement it with No Turbulence, Mid Effect, Live Weather Selection Options for Users.

They implemented on Icing ! Why not Weather Effects?

Its easy for Asobo.

As you said, I generally fly on a320s, atleast 2 Flights one-hour Each (Daily). Nowadays, its so boaring that, I end up in Bed for Mid Flight to Complete.

I seriously dun knw, what Asobo thinks users to do on a Flight from Barca to London? For flights more than 7 hours, at least we can Sleep.

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But for some reason they won’t. They’d rather concentrate on the bells and whistles for the kids.
I have no idea what they think, but at least I’m happy that the weather topic gets some attention from the fellow simmers. I don’t even launch MSFS after the latest patch anymore - it’s as beautiful as boring for simming nowadays.

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Exactly, I nly trying new Liveries.

I suspect they also switched down Gust so as to Improve FPS (Maybe). Now Wind Graph is not Working (On Custom Setting), same fate with Live Weather too.

I was having high expectations wt SU4.

Seriously dun knw what to do wt this SIM Daily.

Oh yeah, I dunno what they are improving, from what I see, even the graphics quality decreased after the latest patch. I remember all that hype “The most realistic ever”. Realistic what? Bing Maps simulator? Maybe.

To be honest, its now a bing Map Simulator like Aviation on Google Earth with much better Graphics.

The missing elements are:

Weather Effects
100% Working Cockpits
Proper CG
Drag Settings
Proper Texture
Issueless Boeing
Garmin Accuracy
Proper IFRs and Metars

I seriously dun knw, what kind of SIM is this without all these. Update after Updates, they are moving towards Arcade Gamers.

Fingers Crossed ! I checked P3D Last day. I m still here only coz of Xbox Plan. P3D FSlabs Neo is a Flight Bro !

Need urgent weather update for holding Hard Simmers Asobo !

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Well, leave study level airliners to PMDG, FSLabs, Majestic etc. Let Asobo build a usable platform first with proper weather, proper SDK and such. They need to give tools. Active Sky would love to get control over the weather but “No, we won’t open the weather system, continue to fly on rails”. I remember FSX and P3D were labeled like rails simulators but oh my, this was loooong before MSFS.

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