Major Performance Issues at LFPG (Charles de Gaulle)

my GPU just hates LFPG.

At low graphics preset, 10FPS

At this distance, it’s perfectly fine, if I move like a meter closer, it drops to 10FPS.

At high graphics preset, I need to be this far away for it to go above 10FPS

I have the same issue at KJFK

Intel i7 9700
16GB of RAM
RTX 2060 6GB

Running at 1080p

Do you play with “live” settings".?
If yes, no doubt the FPS drops, since most players are around the big airports, and that affects the performance…

Same issue with a 9900, 2080 at LFPG. It seems there’s a poorly optimized building(s) or object(s) that is sucking up all the FPS.


It’s the same with players and traffic turned off.


Yes 2060super i5 8400 same issue I think this issue has been addressed.

Limited by mainthread but hmm says you’re limited by GPU @10FPS at low settings must be an error.I am not fully surprised as the 9700 is an 8c/8t cpu

Hi everyone.
I have the same problem.
I landed by night at LFPG and at LFPB and screen was freezing by few seconds many time.
The were not live traffic at this moment.
So difficult to make a perfect landing in that conditions.

i7 9700 9th
3.6Ghz 16RAM
RTX 2070

Had never looked at this airport so gave it a go. My specs, i5 9400f, RTX2060, 32gb ram, 2560x1080 UW monitor. I have live traffic and weather enabled, but multi-player off.

On takeoff everything was fine at 35+ FPS until I headed over to the terminal in your screenshots.

As I passed over the circular terminal the FPS dropped to 20. A bit chunky but this is a very detailed terminal. Same thing on the 2nd pass over the terminal.

I found if I circled outside the terminal with the wing pointing at the terminal ring road I could maintain 35+ FPS, without any effort.

After that I did another pass over the terminal and was able to maintain 35+ FPS.

But as MSFS is often inconsistent, I found I couldn’t replicate the high FPS of the circling or pass over when I tried it a second time after exiting MSFS and trying again.

Not sure if its relevant, but I have recently disabled the rolling cache. With it enabled I used to get up to 20 seconds of 5 to 10 FPS, just after loading a flight at a detailed airport. After that had run its course, FPS returned to normal. With the rolling cache disabled this doesn’t happen and I get high FPS right from the start of the flight.

When I looked closing at my screenshots something interesting became apparent. My GPU usage was about 78% to 86% when I was getting the 35+ FPS over the terminal, but at 100% when I was getting the low FPS in the same area. Especially odd as my GPU normally runs at 100% everywhere.

Thanks for the responses, glad to see I’m not the only one. Some of those reports are interesting.

Certainly the Charles De Gaulle airport is the most taxing airport I’ve seen so far.

First time I tried a was getting fairly big stutters and about 25-35 fps but with a bit of tweaking of my system I can now do a fairly stutter free flight over the whole airport at about 40fps.
That’s at 2560 x1440 with live traffic on + clouds. Running at a mix of settings Ultra & High.

Using a 3700X CPU at 4.2GHz, 32GB DDR4 3600MHz Ram, a 2070 Super (8GB) at stock speeds.
NVME SSD and my internet connection is 300Mbps Down / 30 Up

I use V-Sync on and frame rate set to 40 fps max in game.

The main culprit at this airport/region is it uses 100% of my 8GB Vram, I’m sure it would use more if it could.

I’ve mentioned this in other posts on this forum. I think Vram is a key factor at running stutter free at high resolutions. Gives me concerns for those thinking the new 3080 with only 10GB of Vram is going to be able to run at 4K maxed out at regions like this. I doubt very much it will.

Lets hope they can optimise the game and the scenery at these locations in some future patches.

But with the 40fps I get now I’m fairly happy :smiley: :+1:t2:

By the this is still issue at least for me, how about the other folks here? I have noticed not only in LFPG but also in EDDF, what is in common, these two are the handcrafted airports by Asobo.

Yes, both LFPG and EDDF take me from 40+ FPS to 20 FPS repeatedly. And I fly mostly GA.

Another thing with LPFG apart from being a very large airport with complex buildings is it’s also close to another large(ish) airport and you fly straight into a photgrammetry area.

Eh? Paris doesn’t have any photogrammetry.

Also the performance issues only start (for me at least) at a certain distance, like maybe 100 meters or so from the larger terminals. On the runway for example the performance is fine, but once I start taxing towards the terminal, that’s when it gets bad. I’m guessing whenever the full detail models start loading instead of the a lower LOD ones.

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Hi there,
I know that this is an older post, but it still seems to be a problem, so I moved your post to Bugs & Issues.

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Charles de Gaulle LFPG have very big fps problem.

i5 9600K 5GHz OC,32GB RAM, RTX 2070SUPER (manual OC)

Two almost identical showcase view, two diffrent fps. After this fps are going crazy.

first view

second view

third view (almost identical like second) a little bit camera move from second view

after this first view:


Yeah i have a i7 9700k and a 2070S i get really bad FPS at this airport also…Most others are fine that iv been too

I have reported that problem at zendesk. Its not normal. When I moved camera only a little bit like on screens, fps drops a lot.

This problem has been around for a long time. Seems to be tied to the circular terminal. Although sometimes it would play nicely but most times not.

f… :confused: another bug ;( Its so weird, it looks like major bug in rendering code.

Can You report this at zendesk?

This has happened since there is a flight simulator in all its versions, nothing new with Paris and Charles de Gaulle