Make it impossible to spawn on runway in Live mode

The only problem with this is that a lot of smaller airfields/landing strips don’t have any non-runway spawn locations due to missing ramps/aprons etc.

I’m all for this being implemented, but it would still have to allow people to spawn on the runway in live mode for locations that have no other option!

One case against this wish: gliders can’t taxi (they are normally towed by car), they have to be spawned in takeoff position, having to use slew mode to position everytime would be immersion breaking and imprecize.

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How about an alternative that keeps you happy, and also the people who dont want to much around on taxiways. Maybe a checkbox ‘Hide players who spawn on runways’ which (when checked) would not show the live players who spawn on the runway.
That way, you’d be happy, as you wouldn’t see the planes popping up in front of you, and everyone else will be happy because they can still enjoy live traffic and not be forced to sit behind other waiting to fly.


I have given this some thought, and came up with a system that should make the problem go away.
It works entirely client-side so you don’t need to tell anyone what they can or cannot do.

Consider this:

The red zone is a bubble covering a runway, It is no more than 50~100 feet high.

The blue cone is the “approach zone”, it extends 5nm downwind of the runway and goes up to 3000ft AGL

Here’s how it works for each of those planes:

The Red plane is stopped on the runway (red zone). He is invisible to the Purple plane.
The Blue plane on the taxiway. He is visible to all and sees everyone.*
The Purple plane is inside the approach zone. He is invisible for Red.
The Green plane has departed the runway and can be seen by and sees everyone.

*If Blue taxies ahead of the hold-short line, he enters the red zone. He is now invisible to Red and Purple, who are also no longer visible to him. Once Blue takes off, he becomes visible and able to see everyone again.

You can make a binary truth table of plane visibilities for each other, it’d go like this:

This being all realized in each player’s own computer, there is no need to have new data going over the MP network. And more importantly, all players can configure the exact parameters however they like.

You could maybe select friends to be visible at all times, if you’re formation-flying with them, for instance. Or set different zone geometry rules for human or AI traffic. Many options exist and all are up to the individual player’s preference.

This may even be implemented as a mod.

Thus, people don’t need to bother anyone, and nobody should bother them. Everyone can spawn anywhere they like, and the poor guy on his third missed approach doesn’t have to do yet another go-around.

Conflict avoided.


I’d like to have an option to switch ON/OFF my visibility for Live players or the regime with Live players from the flight, not only from the Map screen where I select where to spawn and conditions of the flight. This option may help players to spawn on the RW and other places and not be an obstacle for others. They can stay on the RW as long as they can not doing any harm to other players.

There’s an option in the pause menu to turn off multiplayer. It’s on the Data tab.

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There are 4 steps to turn off and 4 steps to turn on:)
There is an option to “Toggle display players” under Controls/Multiplayer, however it looks like this option is not working. Also I am not sure this option is designed to make your plane not visible for others.

100% agree.

I would suggest that what is really needed is a more “selective” and “Configurable” MP system.

Any MP player should be able to, pull up a dialog box, showing all the MP planes in their session, and be able to

(1) Checkbox any they want not to appear in MP (by MS ID name)
(2) See what model each plane really is (in detail) - even if they do not have that plane.
(3) Have option to Force a Model match with any plane they have.
(4) Have the option for force a Model match with “NO Plane”, so that plane does not appear.

These setting should be saved between session, ( maybe even back to the Servers)

BTW: Most of the above model matching option feature are already implemented with the Vatsim / Pilot Edge MP system

Maybe in 2023 ?

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I agrée. Its a royal pain to call missed approach because someone teleported in!

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What about a Menu item with a bindable keyboard shortcut that can “nuke” all AI / Multiplayer on the Runways. The traffic is “muted” (remove from your MP session), only to re-introduced automatically after a minute. Or if you press another button mapped to “un-nuke”.

This way you can remove the distraction on take-off and landing and as soon as you are off the runways, re-introduce the traffic for immersion.

This would be a very important improvement IMHO!
The best and most simple solution would be:

  • If multiplayer: NO spawn on runway allowed, BUT you can spawn on a parking lot WITH running Engines
  • If Single Player: You can also spawn on runway

I’ve seen a number of airports in MSFS that give you no option other than to spawn on the runway.

I’ve never seen one.
And I saw A LOT !

There are lots of these little airports all over the place with no where to start other than the runway.


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Oh okay, I misunderstood you (I’m not native English).
Yes of course, there are a lot of very small airports, where you can only spawn on the runway.
Well in that case it must be allowed to spawn on the runway.
But when there are parking lot’s available, it should NOT be possible to spawn on the runway.

And if you don’t like to do the whole startup procedure, there should be a key to press (CTRL + E ?) and then the aircraft goes automatically into the same state, as you would have started on the runway.

And like I already said:
With multiplayer off it does not matter where you start. There you can choose the runway, if you like.

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I’m certainly not going to mark down the suggestion but I think a reality check is needed.

MSFS multiplayer is after all a gamer experience, not a true to life simulator. If you want this kind of realism, are you not better of just sticking to Vatsim (PC only) or just not enabling multiplayer when you want to do proper flying.

I share the frustration but there are times even I want to just get into the sim and go for a flight with friends without taxiing or cold and dark startup.


Some folks just like “multiplayer” to have a more vibrant environment without doing something outside the sim like vatsim, or are unable to do vatsim because they’re on xbox or other for other reasons.
But I’ve never liked having the start spot only on either the runway or a parking spot. So Maybe replace the runway starting point with a start point near the hold line instead (for all modes), and have it still set the plane up like it would have been set up on the runway. No long taxi’s and it gives you a chance to set up the rest of the plane (heading/nav hold, altitude and VS selection, FMS, lights, etc) without cluttering up the active. And at least some folks might actually look for inbound traffic before pulling out on the active. It won’t keep people from taxiing out onto the active in front of people, but then neither does doing a startup/taxi out from a parking spot, and it’s somewhat better IMO than having them appear immediately on the runway.
With our current multiplayer mode, there just doesn’t appear to be a perfect answer to address everyone’s desires. We can’t force people to not use multiplayer nor to abide by “the rules” if they are in multiplayer.

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I have to agree with this. I know that we can all turn off multi-player, but the point remains that having your plane spawn in at the end of the runway is not really a brilliant idea and can be easily fixed.

The best suggestion I’ve seen is either a hold short spawning location, or even better, being invisible until you’ve cleared the runway. Either would be an easy fix in my opinion.


Im not good enough to use vatsim, but at least im nice enough to not intentionally try to ruin other peoples experience by not selfishly spawning on the runway in multiplayer.

seems like some people think theres only super hardcore realistic “go play vatsim” or casual chaos gamer way of playing.

What ever happened to just be a decent human nomatter what your playstyle is?


With nearly 8,000 hours on VATSIM believe me when I say VATSIM isn’t “super hardcore”, lol. Especially these days. Heck I spent $329 for a year of PilotEdge due to how “watered down” VATSIM is these days.