Make top bar hidden


That bar at the top when playing is the most useless thing in game for me (apart from fuel which i rarely use) It ruins my screenshots, it bugs me.

How do i get rid of it?

Check out Mugz Mod on

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Please use the search bar before posting. This will be fixed in SU6. See this posting:


What for the update, it should disappear after a few seconds according to the beta notes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Still too late when framing a “blink and you’ll miss it” screenshot. I use one of the mods that removes it completely.

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Fair enough. I used to just crop it out of my pictures (I’m on console)

Dont need a mod you just need to edit the toolbar.css file, change one entry from 1 to 0. Fixed no more displayed on the screen unless you hover over it.

Solution >

If you edit files in the Official section, you’ll just end up having to re-edit them with every update. Try this:

If you edited your file toolbar.css and set the opacity variable, you need to go back in and set it to 0, they appear to have fixed it. If its left at 1, everytime you move the mouse the bar pops up…

i think its misunderstood! I want it gone forever!!! Not disappearing after a few seconds!

Rename the toolbar.css file to toolbar.css.old and it should be gone forever, but if you lose access to ATC, Weather menu etc, that will be your cause…

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Use the mod I linked above and it will be. It’s four D’s:


This item was delivered as part of Sim Update 6 (