Make Xbox version more Pro friendly


As a pilot student and professional pilot soon, I would love to use MFS to train and keep my skills. I was looking forward for Xbox realeasing because I cannot/prefer not to buy a 1000$ PC only useful for MFS. I was pretty excited when the Xbox version has been released during summer. However, I’m very disappointed that several important features/addons are not Xbox compatbile either for technical reasons (for example tcp port blockage on xbox) or legal/licensing issues.
I’m personnaly thinking about the following:

  • Avsim
  • navigraph (since Navblue Charts+ option is not available or even planned)
  • FlyByWire

I’m sure, I’m missing some intresting addons which are not Xbox compatible either.

FlyByWire already announced they are pulling out of the marketplace which means no xbox, VATSIM annouced they will not be going down the XBOX route, and other plugins / mods are not available because of the XBOX encryption and it being a closed system.

In short, all you get is what the base game comes with and whats available in marketplace.

I to started out the XBOX route, and after 48 hours ditched it and went full PC.


Xbox is a game’s console. It will never have the flexibility of a pc. There have been many games on the Xbox over the years that would could have benefited from having access to community resources on the web, but that’s why there are two versions, PC and Xbox. If you’re a pro gamer or simmer, the PC is the only realistic choice. The Xbox offers the ability to “play” and it’s nice to have that option for casual escape. I can’t see it ever being equivalent to the capability of the PC in the current generation.


I understand but I beleive that Jorg said once or twice during q&a sessions, that xbox version is also for simmers. I think Microsoft should clarify if the console version is for casual gamers only or not

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I think they (Asobo) need to tow the party line. They aren’t going to come out and same, PC is for simmers, XBOX is for casual use / gamers.

They aren’t going to blow up that market.

And that’s not to say is the actual case anyway, to each their own and if you enjoy it on a console and it suits your needs, thats awesome. But there will always be a gap (how large remains to be seen) between the two.


It’s whatever you want to make of it, really. Yes the PC is more flexible, and isn’t a closed system like the Xbox. But there are casual gamers who will use the PC. Just as there are people who take simming seriously, who use the Xbox. It’s relative to the individual and nobody else can say otherwise.


well, let’s see how many votes this thread will have. Maybe it will change things

If you want to go the unofficial route you can enable the devkit on your xbox, its a 1 time signup fee to microsoft to unlock devmode after that you can pretty much use any mod you want for MSFS, I did it to make my own liveries on Xbox but custom scenery also works and it is possible to open the xbox for things like simconnect. Just make sure you know what you’re doing.


I had a look on the devmode, it’s pretty cool but it does not offer unlimited options either. I don’t see how to have Avsim or navigraph with that. These app need to be recompiled in an Xbox way … but for liveries and sceneries, I understand that it is useful

It’s not up to Avsim or Navigraph, or even Asobo.

This is all on Microsoft as the XBOX is closed and encrypted.

There’s a conversation happening in another thread about using Dev mode on XBOX so you can run sim connect and other third-party content only available on PC, etc.

I think someone linked to the help doc on how to use pursue this option: Xbox One Developer Mode activation - UWP applications | Microsoft Docs

I haven’t tried, but it seems like it’s not something you just sign up, install, and away you go… Rather, it seems like it will take some time and skill to learn how the file and folder system is setup on the XBOX.

Anyway, hope this helps someone out there!


If Jorg said it, then it must be true… Get used to this and you will live in the PC world as well.

It is one of the official voices of MFS so yeah, what he says/promises should be true

Oh, you weren’t here from the beginning and hearing all the promises?
I wish I could believe, but it’s getting harder each day, yet I still hang on.

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In truth a PC is a tool not a toy and is useful for a broad range of applications which includes but is not restricted to gaming.

Also, given your reasons for wanting to use MSFS2020 at all (student pilot) surely access to better flight control peripherals than those available to the Xbox would be a very good reason to invest in a PC?

Situational awareness and depth perception are also restricted on a platform which doesn’t support headtracking or VR?

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I can also only wish that the XBOX becomes more Pro friendly. But I have the greatest hope that the developments will come from third party developers. That’s why I only wish that Asobo would design the Marketplace in such a way that developers can and want to publish in this shop.

With all my regrets, I don’t believe this would be possible in any ways.

Xbox, for logical reason have very tights boundaries and limitation.

The Simulator is essentially a simple yet very complex sandbox, provided with Weather, physics, nav data, airports, etc. From it, you must tune it for your needs, and turn it the way you want it, and for doing that, you almost absolutely require a PC. It’s not Asobo or Microsoft fault’s, it’s just the way it is with Xbox.

Any simulator really is way better on PC, as it’s far more easy to mod.