Making cross runways active

Some of the airports that have cross runways, don’t let you use the cross runway for t/o. Are we going to have the fake runways to make them look parallel? This has been the only way with the past flightsims.

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A bit more of an explanation, please.

In general an airport with crossed runways will not have both runways active at the same time. If the prevailing runway, the one used for normal operations, is available under the current wind conditions then that’s the one that will be in use.

If I was asked to take off, on a runway that had a 90 degree x-wind, when one with the wind down the pipe was being used “just for landings”, I would be a very unhappy pilot.

Airports like KSFO will have runways 1L,1R for t/o and also 28L/R, and have 28L/R for landings. With FSX and P3D you have to make ice runways 10’x10’ and about 7.8 degrees apart to make ATC think they are Parallel. This Technik has been around for years.

This is most definitely not a thing in MSFS. Example in my home area is CYXJ.

It is not uncommon for ATC to change runways based on wind conditions.

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