Manual cache creation don't stop "loading"


I tryed to create a manual cache folder. I did put 150Go, and a window poped-up to say that this folder will take some times to be created. Ok. But it’s turning/loading since 3h and 30 min…I didn’t expect that…And it seem to be broken… It is written that i should not shut down MFS2020 or the PC. What i risk if i do it ?
No folder was created. I have a file called ROLLINGCACHE.CCC. 150Go, but it is existing since long time (automatic online cash, not manual)…What if i force the MFS2020.exe to stop ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

The manual cache has major issues. As it expands it takes longer and longer to load up but usually works in the end at least for me. But it’s just not worth the hassle of using it at the moment. Once you have a mere gig of data it seems to need to re-download that same data every time you load it up which means you are frozen on loading screens for a very long time thinking that the game has crashed.

3 hours though with no data yet downloaded probably means it either crashed or you are not using an SSD. There are a lot of complaints about it and I think it’s under investigation though don’t quote me on that!

I believe Seb said in one of the Q&As that 32 GB should be the top end of your rolling cache size or it could affect performance. I’m assuming that larger manual cache size could also affect performance.

Assume 150Go = 150 GB (Gigabytes)

I don’t have an answer but wonder why you would want 150GB of Manual when you already have 150 GB of Rolling Cache.

Anyway, 150 Gb is a lot of cache data and will take some time to download and depends on your Internet Speed.

This Manual cache of 150 GB will take just a little longer than your approximate 109 GB of download for your FS2020 install.

By the way, I looked at my config and see that I have no Manual Cache but it says I have room for 198 GB.

That is the free space on my D:\ drive where FS2020 is installed.

My Rolling Cache is the default 8 GB and is on my C:\ drive where Win 10 is installed and the FS install of the initial 1.06 GB.

Can’t answer your question on stopping FS2020.

Ok thank guys :slight_smile: Knowing that others also did meet problems with i did stop the game.
I also thought that maybe i provoct a bug because i created the manual cache file in the same folder than the automatic cache (rollingcache.ccc).

Anyway, i forced MFS to stop, and nothing did change apparently. I didn’t even found a “manualchache.ccc” to deleat. So… It look clean.
And i also deleated the auto cache (rolling). I think i will run only with my connection (decent one). I’m using a SSD. But anyway.

I wanted to manual cache some area i wanted to visit before that my connection will be off during 2 weeks soon. But i will manage without.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just in case you don’t know, you only benefit from manual cache in photogrammetry areas. So if the areas you’re trying to cache are AI auto-gen, you won’t see any benefit. If they are photogrammetry areas though, then go for it.

You may have issues using MSFS if you don’t have an internet connection though. Not sure how well (if at all) it will work without a live connection.

Ho…I did’nt know that !
Thanks for the information. Ok, now i really don’t regret to stop the process :smiley:

The cache creation process is very slow, and 150 GB is fairly large even for an off-line store.

Even on a M.2 SSD, the process is very slow, so if you’re on a HDD or an older Gen SSD, it will be even slower.

You can force it to stop, but no guarantees that it will be properly initialized.

I often recommend to people that you start small, on both Manual and Rolling Cache. You can always make it larger down the road.

Secondly, I recommend being real selective about what to manually cache. I picked the operating area that I fly in the most, which happens to be real-life area I know, my section of the state I live in. That’s it. The rationale behind that is I load this area time and again, and it saves on Data Download. All things considered, unless my ISP is performing poorly on any given day, I’m not going to see a massive improvement in Performance. All I’m doing really is saving heat and light by not downloading the same area day after day.

Also - on Rolling Cache, I recall Seb saying on one of the 2020 Dev Q&As, you’re not going to see a massive performance gain on anything beyond 2x your System RAM. So unless you have 64GB RAM (unusual for most but not impossible), 150 GB Rolling Cache is wasting valuable space, especially if it’s on a smaller high performance SSD where GB/cents ratio is higher than a JBOD drive.

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