Manual pushback shortcuts: how to turn left and right please while pushing?

Hello everyone,
I use the shift-p shortcut (TOGGLE PUSHBACK in controls) to initiate pushback while flying on VATSIM and PILOTEDGE to avoid messing with the radio ATC menus as I am connected to virtual controlers.
I read in different places that it was possible to turn left/right during pushback, I read something about shift-1 and shift-2 which does not work for me (may be I changed some assignments).
Can someone help me figure out out to turn left and right after a pushback initiated with shift-p ?
Many thanks !!

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As it stands there are two options to initiate and end pushback Shift+P or the ground services menu in your ATC window. However, you can only control your direction in the ATC menu.


Thanks for you answer. I read in several places that people could turn left and right… Weird…
Take care

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I’m fairly sure those posts are talking about using the ATC menu. With that said, if you find a shortcut to do it, please let me know.

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They were mentioning the shift-p followed up immediately by a shift-1 or shift-2 to turn

Those commands were in FSX, I have tried it in MSFS and I couldn’t get it to work. But I am super happy to be proven wrong :slight_smile:

You can use the numbers next to the canned responses but the atc window has to be open to the services menu and the active window.

Basically you have to use the Atc menu to get there but you can then use the numbers next to the response you want to send. No shift required.

That goes for any message within the atc menu that has a number preceding it.

i’m pretty sure you were able to turn with the rudders before, but it doesn’t work anymore. i’m 99% sure i saw someone do this and also mentioned it in a video. it was before the sim was released. it would make pushback so much easier. just shift - p and turn with the rudders but … guess they removed it, i dont know.

I am not sure if that was a thing, but it is not realistic so I can understand why it was removed, if it was removed.

i think it was in one of squirels videos. but it’s also not realistic to go through an atc menu to tell them you want to turn. going through all that takes like 10 seconds before you actually turn

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Use com2 or 3 for the ground service menu, go back to 1 the moment you’ve given your command. That’s how I do it right now untill a good pushback addon comes out

yeah, it’s not the worst thing in the world but definitely annoying. just a matter of time till we have a addon

Correctish… Other than getting clearance to “push and start” you wouldn’t use ATC for this at all. But I don’t see a reason to recreate the UI wheel.

If they would let us use a comm channel (say comm 3) to talk to ‘ground services’ who were plugged into your plane, I’d be stoaked. Meaning no other aircraft on the channel, and more importantly pre-determined pushback points as we shouldn’t have to micro-manage that.

I believe there is a thread in #self-service:wishlist on better ground services, check it out, post and upvote it.

Edit: Search Results for Ground Services in Wishlist


yeah kinda odd that they put it into the atc haha. but like i said its just a matter of time till improved. GSX was already announced which has pushback too.

You can only use ATC commands in game. To see those options you have to tune into ground channel and select ground services.

There is an alternative way to bind to controllers, but it needs an external Sim Connect interface that support scripts or expressions. There is a sim connect command (KEY_TUG_HEADING), which you can use to send the desired heading value for the tug. It’ll require some expressions or scripting, but basically for left and right turn, you can set two commands which takes current aircraft heading, subtracts or adds certain amount to that, converts to 32 bit integer and sends it to the game.

I have it bind to my starter knob on my Logitech Switch Panel, using Spad.Next. START starts the pushback, OFF stops it, ALL turns the aircraft left, R to the right, and L for straight pushback. Can share if anyone wants to check.

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Thanks a lot for sharing! I’ll give it a try. I’ll try to map this simconnect variable to my stream deck :wink:

THANKS !! it is a very good solution !!

could you please share your profile or screenshot of events sent please ?
Thanks !!

Sure, it is published as Switch Panel device profile. Search for MSFS_A320_SWITCHPANEL among online snippets. It’s not a final profile, Im still working on deice systems and fuel pumps. But if you wanna check full device, pushback, lights, avionics, panel lighting, landing gear all work.

About pushback; R and ALL send the command to turn the aircraft 90 degrees in respective direction. But you can cut the turn anytime you like by turning knob to L. Also, pushback will start instantly if there is no tug in vincinity. But if there is one, it’ll wait for it to couple before moving.

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I would suggest people to add Zendesk feature request to add keybinds for left and right pushback.