Many great regional Western Canadian airports new site

Many very beautiful small airports that make flying BC and Alberta a real pleasure have moved from to the creators own site. (I am not that creator but a fan of Delta59er work)

I know, like many 3rd party artists, he would be very happy with a donation… but that is not required.


It’s a great list of scenery updates, but I wonder if a list with some handmade “update” info is really the better way than having them on with changelogs, update notifications etc.

I first missed the “pack” download, which is very handy. Thank you for the hint :slight_smile:

I have a large chunk of his BC airports from I haven’t come close to checking them all out, but think it’s fantastic there are so many. BC (and WA, and AB!) is a fantastic place to sim! Just got the FSS CYVR and Kelowna, really well done! Ideally he’d make one big BC pack? It’s a lot of airports to keep track of! But not sure how often they get updated, so maybe it’s not all that bad.

I’m trying to learn MSFS development, personally I want to work on all the seaplane infrastructure in BC/WA. There was a number of good ones for P3D, but not so much for MSFS yet. FSS CYVR does include the seaplane bases at the airport and Coal Harbour. But Victoria would be a nice one for someone to do! Along with the airport and downtown Victoria add ons would certainly get my credit card out!

I just made a donation! Happy to support BC simming!

Wait? Where? I’m not seeing any “pack”, that sounds great, I already have a bunch of these and figuring which I do and which I don’t and which need updates is a whole project!

I misread the text… The pack is just for the flightplans, not for the scenery :frowning:

Ah. Gotcha. This weekend I’ll sort through what’s already installed and what’s not and what as updates. Reminds me, I need to do more bush flying around BC! Been a little while.

I rented a 182 and flew from Calgary to Dawson City Yukon… a bunch of years back… so it brings back memories… have fun

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Yeah it’s a curious decision. Especially since the creator already had all of these sceneries on before removing them and putting them on this site instead. It just makes it too cumbersome to keep up with updates.