Map of whole world showing the DEM LOD (elevation data quality) used by MSFS

Can we please have a map of the whole world that shows the DEM resolution for everywhere?

Asobo released one for WUII: USA showing the updated regions of the USA and their LODs:

We can see the map also partially covers Canada and the Caribbean, which makes it look like Asobo might have the whole world mapped anyway!

To summarize:

  • It would be nice to see the improvements made by world updates. (Asobo should be showing them off!)

  • As it is now, we are left guessing where has been improved and by how much.

  • It would enable us to plan flights based upon areas that have beautiful high LOD terrain quality e.g. Washington state and Mt Rainier using the WUII map.

  • Many third party developers are releasing DEM/mesh DLCs. It would be helpful to know how much of an improvement they’d be and whether it’s worth getting them.

I totally agree with you. We need to know the mesh definition of each part and Asobo should improve a lot the mesh in many places. Alaska mesh is a must have.

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