March 16, 2023 Development Update Discussion

Check out the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!


Interesting to see the MilViz PC-6 updated for PC & Xbox, when it isn’t available for Xbox. March 21st, perhaps??


Yeah that caught my eye.


Still no Cowan 500E? :laughing::sob: Make that week #6. :rage:


Thanks for pointing this out. This was a typo on our part. We’ve updated it now. The PC-6 is updated on PC only, not Xbox.



Another weak Weekly dev update. The “pipeline” screen shot is nice, but how do we know what gets priority? Over 141 Airports and 126 scenery and only 46 aircraft? Are aircraft a priority over anything else? We’ve been waiting for the Cowan Sims MD 500E for 6 weeks to be approved for marketplace.

Can someone answer if its on Cowan’s end for updating before release, Is it Microsoft’s pipeline getting clogged with scenery and airports? Is Cowan now waiting for WASM to hit xbox for its release? Its disappointing to see “in the interest of transparency” then just hide behind a bunch of numbers that don’t have any substantial information.

Also, it looks like this might be the same deal with the V-22 as well.

Hmm… you did, again, on the Osprey.

Interesting, too, how both the Osprey and the PC-6 keyframes have Xbox icons…

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They are all correct now, try a cache clear if you still see Xbox for the Osprey. Thanks!


Hmm why is it not on news and announcement like previous updates?

Very cool one this week btw.

Edit: I’m confused, is the osprey on Xbox or not!? It’s definitely mentioned in the bundles but not as a standalone?

It looks like they accidentally used key frames from an interval version of the sim that actually has these WASM-based aircraft active in the Marketplace.

To answer your question, they are not available on Xbox, but we can surmise that they will be.

Looking at the text description of the carrier bundles, the developer mentions Xbox specifically.

Maybe we will see them turned on in the Marketplace next Thursday.


When will be the next Dev Q&A stream?

Hello @Cahzito,

Our next Developer livestream is on March 21. All the details are here:



I think it’s really great that the update now contains information on the backlog. I am wondering what a “pack” is:

TYPE PC Xbox Total
Aircraft 31 46 77
Airport 162 141 303
Bundle 10 9 19
Livery 74 74 148
Other 4 5 9
Mission 41 41 82
Pack 1 1 2
Scenery 128 126 254
Total 451 443 894

It sounds like a bundle, but there is also a bundle type, as well.


It certainly feels like things are starting to happen, and are heading in the right direction


I was probably hoping for too much but I wanted product and developer info and not just numbers of products in a given category. Would’ve made for a long list though with over 1,000 products in backlog.

I really just want to know about upcoming airports and who made it.


I can imagine that this is a wish from a consumer’s perspective. I can also clearly imagine that a dev would not want the traffic of many simmers asking/pressing when it’s finished. Or the forum meddling with/commenting on why in week a dev x got priority above dev y :slightly_smiling_face:


Visibility into the numbers of products pending is great. Now we all have the numbers there will be even more incentive on MS to reduce them.


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Something I do not understand on the new transparency tables:

We have a column for PC, one for XBox and one Total.

Total is simply the sum of PC and XBox.
This implicates that there are 31 A/C for PC and 46 A/C for XBox in the backlog making 77 (different??) A/C in total.
Or could it be that some (or all) of the 31 A/C in PC are also in XBox?
But then the Total would be absolutely wrong.

Can we please have a bit of clarification on this?


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