March 16, 2023 Development Update Discussion

Yes if you look at the marketplace section in every dev blog update there’s been you’ll see that they always count pc items and xbox items separately and then add them together.

It makes no logical sense at all but that’s just what they do. It means there’s about 450 new products waiting for release on the marketplace not 900 like the headline figure would suggest.

That’s a good thing, it means the backlog is not as bad as the headline figure. Or it’s a bad thing, it means less toys on the way. You decide. :wink:

On the side-by-side comparison video, of an A320 flight into Athens, I was very impressed by how good MSFS visuals have got.

However, unless there is a viewing angle or replay discrepancy somehow on the sim side, it looks like the heat haze from the engines might be getting overdone a little. There is a fair bit of “wobble” in the bottom-left of the video when at low-level over the land, whereas the RL flight video does not appear to have any distortion at all.

Very picky, I know, and this is probably an indication of how good MSFS visuals have got, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. :wink:

To give you a rough indication:

The Osprey has been submitted around early november and is published this week. That is around 5 months. So if you’re only waiting 6 weeks and starting to be impatient now, you’re in for a treat.

Same for Aerosoft Northsea (scenery). Submitted late november. No sign of it yet.

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Suspect this is part of their internal measurement in terms of work items - approving a plane for PC and xbox will be two separate tasks. The total is definitely misleading or perhaps meaningless as a result, in the sense that we only know that there are at most 77 different aircraft (in the unlikely event of no overlap) and at least 31 different aircraft on PC and at least 46 different aircraft on xbox.

If I was tracking the flow of work of the team doing the testing/approvals, I would do it this way, but the total column isn’t really a lot of help to anyone else.

Extra stuff that would be nice (assuming the obvious detailed list of all 1000+ items with details of the dev, the item itself etc) would be some kind of flow data:

  • new items this week
  • items moved into stage 1
  • items moved into stage 2
  • items moved inot stage …
  • items released

That would show if the backlog is getting bigger or smaller and where the build ups might be. Of course, all that doesn’t really help us, other than an interesting “fact”, without the detailed list of what is where that @GhostlyFrend points out seems unlikely would be provided.

I think they see it rather as a „test project“ than a product. It doesn‘t really show the amount of actual aircraft in queue but the amount of work for the testing team. It‘s meant to be transparancy, not a database of addons to come.


From my understanding the osprey has been waiting for WASM.

As well the Black Sea oil rigs is waiting on WASM, and from what I’ve read may not be coming to marketplace for Xbox because of the shear size of their files and load times.

Cowan already had the 206B released and hasn’t said anything about WASM for the 500e.

These are false equivalencies to compare devs waiting for WASM and Devs who have been waiting for normal approval. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Why wouldn’t they just approve the PC versions of these add-ons? Why not wait for the Xbox WASM implementation and then have the Xbox versions approved, at that time?

That is how PMDG approached their 737-700 for the Marketplace.

Why would you submit a product to the Marketplace requiring WASM for Xbox with no idea when WASM was actually going to be released? That makes no sense.

I have no idea… maybe some devs don’t want to split their consumer base? Maybe because you can buy from other retailers or direct from devs when using pc?

Again I’m just wondering why Helicopters were released in November. Six months later we still have a bottle neck of products and only the mediocre designs are squeaking through… this has been a theme for the weekly Dev updates week in and week out.

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Another outstanding Development Update. But I don’t care much for the title of the new section: Marketplace Backlog. “Backlog” has a negative feeling about it – like you have a “backlog” of boring paperwork to suffer through, or you have a backlog of dirty laundry to wash.

Here are some better, more positive titles for that new section:

  • Marketplace Pipeline
  • Marketplace Coming Attractions
  • Marketplace Preview
  • Marketplace Futures
  • Marketplace On-Deck
  • Marketplace Horizons

Any one of these would be far better than “Marketplace Backlog.” Take and use one of these more-positive titles, Asobo. We’d much rather read each week about the “Pipeline” or the “Preview,” than the “Backlog.”


1: MS does the backlog, not Asobo.
2: Backlog is exactly what it is. It’s a buffer of work items that needs to be done before they can be released.


If they ever did make a website that showed all the things that were for sale in the in sim marketplace then it would be great to have a “Coming Soon” section. It can’t really matter who is actually responsible for doing the testing - can it?

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I’m not sure what to make of the backlog numbers. Should we be in awe seeing them and nod approvingly why the marketplace is clogged and barely anything gets released? If anything, I think it only shows the management’s errors of handling the marketplace team and testing. It never should’ve come to this that 1000+ products are stacked up. And now that Microsoft has given up on the whole thing and they’re giving everything back to the developers to test themselves, it doesn’t really make any difference anymore.


Actually it’s correct depending on how you look at the data (as always important to understand what it’s saying). This is a count of Packages, which is how the release process is working and what the people testing the packages care about. It is not a count of how many different products are being released, which, you are correct, it is very likely the many of the products would be considered the same by users.

It makes perfect logical sense that they track where they stand based on the number of items that need to be processed. PC and Xbox packages are processed differently, even though there may be a PC and an Xbox version of any given item.

I happen to like very much that they are showing us their backlog of work.


I’m not seeing Orbx Southampton on Xbox marketplace?

Another typo apparently it was only on PC

I see, that’s disappointing.

Do we know what time tomorrow’s SU12 will be released?

Reading through the beta release notes SU12 looks to be awesome. Thanks for these updates. Personally I find them informative and helpful.

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As I recall from previous SU’s, evening time for me and I live in Sweden. Or just after work.

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