Mariehamn (EFMA) [freeware, published]

The last scenery in my series of Finland’s south coast airports is now published. Welcome to the Mariehamn (EFMA) international airport on the Åland islands. The scenery is freeware and can be downloaded here: You also need the FISD Library, version 1.4 or newer from the same server.


Nice to be able to fly over my local airport :slight_smile: i came with an awe4some idea. i tried a photogrammetry scenery of Stockholm. there is software that can download photogrammetry data from google but since google has no photogrammetry of Mariehamn someone is going to have to make it themself. i found that you can use drones to make 3d photogrammetry with software called capture reality. it would be cool to have Mariehamn and the rest part of Åland in photogrammetry in flight simulator 2020.

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Maybe you should buy a drone and try it out… :wink::grinning:. Would be nice indeed, for Mariehamn and many other cities. I suppose that we will see some new photogrammetry cities in World update 5 in June, but most likely not small cities.

hm?? maybe :). the only problem is that I need a drone license and then I need to get a drone. but it would be really awesome to have Mariehamn and all districts in Åland in 3d :slight_smile:

I do not have a drone, and I am not living on Åland, so it would be even more complicated… :slightly_smiling_face:. I also think that a big area would be a huge filesize and a fps hog. But the city only would be nice, indeed…

@WildLynxAir and readers,

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i actually have a drone but I’m not sure if I’m allowed flying with it in town. btw i saw that the file is unavailable at EFMA - Mariehamn Airport » Microsoft Flight Simulator is there a way to get it?

All my add-ons are available at


good to hear. I was just worried that the new updated version made scenery incompatible.

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Great to see your work still being available. Some if the best freeware airports available. Thanks for your hard work.

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