Marketplace add-ons available for Xbox MSFS on Gamepass?


I have a friend looking to buy his son a Series X for Xmas but he doesn’t want to shell out for the full version of MSFS since FS2024 is on the way. If he opts for the Gamepass version can add-ons still be bought from the Maretplace and used in the sim? And if so, what happens when the Gamepass expires?

Thanks in advance…

I can’t say exactly what happens if you don’t renew gamepass, though it makes sense to me that you wouldn’t just lose your addons. As you’d have probably experienced many times with disconnections, you don’t just suddenly have DLC delete itself.

I have only ever used gamepass version and have heaps of Marketplace stuff. All purchases have DRM and in theory it’s yours to download and delete as you wish. Considering many add ons are “allegedly” going to work with FS24, I dare to say there shouldn’t be too much to worry about getting some stuff straight away.

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Marketplace add-ons are yours to keep if you buy them. If you leave Gamepass, they’ll still be available in your library for re-download once you re-sub to Gamepass, purchase the game, or get FS2024.

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It’s the same thing with Forza motorsports car packs. You own the packs but not the game. Although I imagine these two will always be there. Down the road, f you OWN the game and it leaves the store altogether, you can still reinstall it

Thanks, all.

As long as you purchase via the MS platform, add-ons will be available on both PC and XBox for FS2020 and 2024 going forward.

The only exception is if the game is purchased via Steam. Then addons will only be available to the Steam version.