Marketplace CaptainSim boeing 777-200 squawk problem

Anybody else having problems with squawk not verify while IFR cancelling the IFR flightplan? With the new boeing 777-200

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I have moved this out of #sdk-discussion:aircraft into #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft as I am pretty sure you are asking for help with regards to a 3rd party add on aircraft.

It may also be helpful if you specified which 777-200 you are referring to (and possibly where you purchased it)

Thank you i’ve purchased the aircraft on the marketplace of fs2020 itself it’s the only 777-200 in fs

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I changed the title of the thread to be more specfic, in the hope that those who own this aircraft may be able to offer assistance.

Since I don’t own it myself, I can’t offer any meaningful assistance.

A little bit off topic here as iv also purchased this today but now flown it yet…It says on the MS Flight sim store there are liveries but im only showing the one…Any help?

To the opp ill be cold and dark starting this tomorrow for the 1st test for a flight so ill report back

In case you didn’t know captain sim has a forum they might be able to help you.

Ill be sure to have a look…What im saying tho is from reading within the sim store of this aircraft it says it has a liveries pack but yet it dont…Im just a bit confused by that

You are aware of the previous issues and topics about captain sim? If not, its worth checking it!


First time of heard of Captin Sim today…But going by streams on youtube who have had this from there own store for the last month its not looking good to be honest

I was just checking :wink:

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You can also go to for liveries.

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Nice one thanks for that bud…And sorry for going off topic on the thread

I have just purchased this mod thru Marketplace and I am also being told every 3 mins to reset my transponder, eventaully my IFR flight plan is cancelled.
£24.00 down the drain at the moment !! ??


I try to get my money back via steam maybe they give it back

Good luck !!

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I can verify this is an issue with this aircraft.

The liveries can be found trough their own livery installer. i think you can get it from the captainsim homepage, its called ACE. However, i would everyone recommend to stay away from this AddOn as its straight out trash…

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This right here is a perfect example why there does need to be a minimal level of quality control and minimal specifications for the level of detail and quality for these add-ons. Nobody should be buying this Captains product yet now that it’s been added to marketplace there are users buying it and not knowing of the many documented issues with it.


Yep, it’s a real tragedy.