Marketplace Encrypted Files - Unlock or Remove Encryption including Premium and Deluxe Aircraft

Should be possible. Same as people modding the standard airplanes, the mod is not the plane. It is just re written code and modified flight models etc.

Perfect example of why Asobo’s encryption of the premium/deluxe aircraft sucks!

Asobo, no one is trying to steal your aircraft, we just want the community to fix the issues you won’t or can’t.

The premium/deluxe aircraft are full of “bugs”! Sorry but that’s the truth. I don’t care who fixes the bugs (Asobo or the community) I just want fewer bugs.

I’m not purchasing the Premium/Deluxe Edition until mods are allowed to the aircraft.

it’s not just that tho…it’s about how the entire baron fuel system works that needs to be addressed…

fuel pumps off, you have 0 control…either fuel flows or it doesn’t, but there is no calculation that says x% mixture is needed minimally for combustion while Y% is the maximum needed at which the cylinder is flooded with excess gas and cools the egt and reduces rpm slightly…then if you add fuel pump, all it does is ensure there is adequate pressure on the fuel lines given the baron is a low-wing aircraft, that during less than 1g maneuvers fuel will still be forced to the high-mounted engines. it does affect fuel flow in these extreme conditions as without the fuel pump, the fuel flow (and thus mixture ratio) will be lessened due to lack of sufficient pressure of fuel and not enough fuel will reach the engine for the mixture selected.

to fix the fuel issue is a big thing to overhaul the fuel system.

first, you need to know the fuel pressure given the configuration of the aircraft and fuel in the tank at the drain port…less fuel makes less pressure on the feed drain port, so as you run lower on fuel, the pressure will exponentially lessen (not linearly).

once you know how much fuel pressure is available, you need to know how much fuel pressure is changed via the tubing that takes the fuel from the tank to the port. fuel fed from the right wing won’t have the pressure on the left wing it does due to the extra run length to get it there.

now that you know what the pressure is at the cylinders, you can calculate how much fuel is available for the mixture lever to utilize. so calculate the min and max thresholds for mixture control given the air density (mathematically a figure of the displacement of the cylinder, you need a particular amount of air for a particular amount of fuel for perfect combustion) and see where the mixture is at given the available pressure. the mixture only produces a set ratio of air to fuel, but with less pressure, the fuel part is lessened overall…even maxing the mixture to full will still take in more air keeping the imbalanced mixture. the fix for this situation is improve the fuel pressure via the pumps.

once you have the ratio for perfect combustion, you have to figure out the minimum mixture to sustain combustion at all and the effect on the rpm that will have.

you also will need the ratio for full mixture richness and the effect of oversaturation of the fuel into the cylinder and what that does to the rpm, which isn’t nearly as much as getting the mixture close to cutoff point…

then you can add in the pressures supplied by the boost pump, in this case low and high will have different pressures, but since the other factors are all based on the current pressure to the engine cylinders, this just adjusts the available fuel

the actual numbers for pressures and ratios are simple to get a ballpark and can be changed to get more accurate reflections, but if you build the model of the system based on digital descriptions of the real world components with all their various attributes, it makes for a totally realistic system overall…


Please give us at least edit flight_model.cfg and engines.cfg of encrypted aircraft like classic Cessna 172
most of us are real pilots and can set the flight dynamic and control response according our flight experience and simulator control hardware

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imagine a Working Title Longitude Mod!! :slight_smile:


do we know the reason behind the encryption ? is it to prevent copying ? trying to understand background.

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I guess so, that premium/deluxe aircraft cannot be simply copied (entirely or partially) to users that don’t have paid for the content.

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Would be interesting to confirm this :smiley: :smiley:

Ever wondered why Updates load in small chunks, and the get “installed” before the next piece downloads. What do you think it is doing when it installs each part ?
I would suspect that what gets downloaded, gets dynamically “modified/locked” before it end up installed on your Drive, so everyone’s Install of DRM protected content, is Unique to them.

Might be what expands why when I added more ram and A 2nd SSd to my pc, that was the only time MSFS would not fully start, until I had an Internet connection, for it to do some checking, that MSFS was not on another PC.

It was a ltttle scary – it was making noises about needing to do a complete new Full Install, until i reconnected the Internet, and it could check with Mother .

That’s is what I might design, if I wanted to stop exchange of the files.
Enough said :wink:

Yes it is said in the SDK. The format is a layer of protection, which will be provided to 3rd party mods also.

is anyone else wondering why this is not on the whishlist they released yesterday? it should have enough votes…

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Unlocking the files would be super nice, the premium aircrafts also need some extra love from the community modders. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well, if they were unlocked, who has the ability to Mod them correctly, ?

Take the C172 Classic ( drm protected with fsarchive)
Then there is the C172 A1000 whose .cfg files are open.

They “should” have almost identical .cfg file ??

Both fly about the same, and are both highly Dynamically Pitch Unstable (one factor that makes them unrealistically hard to trim)

But so far, I don’t see that anyone has been able to get into the A1000 version’s .cfg files and make it any better.

I am not an Aeronautical Engineer, I don’t have much of a clues as what to alter, to reduce the the gain of the oscillations or their frequency. (Tried a few changes without making any difference)

The C172 should be the EASY one to fix !@!

Surely, there must be numerous “Professional Aeronautical Engineers” within this community who could fix, or advise what needs to be changed ??

What are the massive number yearly Graduates from Emory Riddle doing these days … surely some have MSFS and are appalled at the plane’s performances.

So this is an APPEAL to any talented Aeronautical Engineers out there.

Please, tell us what parameters affect the gain and Frequency of Pitch Oscillation

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I am active on FsDeveloper … but so far nobody seems to be doing much for the C172.

Why I am so motivated for the C172.

It’s the BASIC Trainer that almost everyone who has been flying for any time, first learnt the basics in.
In MSFS, it would be nice if it served the same purpose.

Actually, a lot of brilliant work on AP systems, but even on the planes you mention, and the Airliners, the Porpoise effect still has not been successfully addressed, and I cannot see Asobo getting to that soon, with all the other issues they are dealing with.

Agreed … Unlock the .cfg of DLC planes, ------- but still prevent the planes from being copied and installed on PCs that have not purchased them… that only drives up the cost to those who legitimately want to purchased them.

“Emory Riffle Engineer”, “Talented Modder working out of their bedroom” – makes no difference who, just need someone to look at the Pitch Stability in ALL the planes, and the C172 is one that I have a specific interest in.

Carenado have figured it out with their MFSF Cessna - so it must be possible in MFSS modelling.

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I would also like to see the premium aircraft available as individual purchases in the store. But opening the files would be a great move from Asobo.

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It’s not the only thread omitted from the Feedback Snapshot, “Ai Traffic Needs Fixing Wishlist Thread” and “Bring back Clouds previous to update 5” are also missing. Hopefully it just means that this snapshot is a few days old, otherwise this situation would be very unfortunate.

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