Marketplace Encrypted Files - Unlock or Remove Encryption including Premium and Deluxe Aircraft

Mod edit: The request below has been withdrawn by the original poster (OP). However, given the large amount of support already give to this wishlist item, the thread has been left open. It would not be appropriate to contact the OP to ask for more information as this is the only information available.

Since there are various issues with Premium and Deluxe aircraft and the status for fixing these items are backlog we request that the .cfg files for these airplanes are unlocked from the .fsarchive structure. The community has a number of people who are very good at modifying airplanes for more realistic performance and are unable to touch the premium and deluxe content due to the DRM.

EDIT: On 13 July 2021 this thread was modified to include requests for removing the .cfg files from the encrypted .fsarchive file system for Marketplace aircraft.

I had the same idea at the same time :thinking: :joy:

you got my vote! Its very sad that they have higher priority to other unimportant things and not to make the premium deluxe content works fine!
As I said before - fixing the fuel issue would be a good start and it would only costs minutes of work to change a number in the .cfg file!

Asobo! - PLEASE FIX IT !!! Why we have to wait until update 9 for this???


My Vote too…There are a couple of bugs that could be fixed in a few minutes if the config files would be plain text as for other aircrafts. So to see here with the issue “missing landing/taxi lights from cockpit view”. Here is a guy who repaired it for most of the planes but he cannot do this for the planes with encrypted config files…

I really cannot understand why Asobo doesn´t target quick wins like this…


Would love to see this unlocked. This was my bread-winner aircraft for the Premium Deluxe, and it needs some TLC to bring it up to par with the rest of the aircrafts.


We totally need full access. Given the fact that great mods make some of the default aircraft flyable and closer to realism, I don’t understand that I have to deal with mediocre “premium deluxe” aircraft that I paid a considerable amount extra for.

There HAS to be another way to protect the aircraft from being copied but still allowing for modifying all the files within it. Maybe embed some kind of license file/signature to the model but don’t block the rest of the modifiable files from us.


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The more difficult they make it, and the longer they take, the more incentive there is for some to find a back door in. eg DVD copy protection.

If the Planes were anywhere near correct, there would be no incentive,

Then again, that door is already open in some “Dark” places …

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You have provided the baseline aircraft for us to use, but the community modders have made some of these airplanes so much more realistic and true to life. Some examples are the TBM, Bonanza and X Cub. These models are a pleasure to use in the sim now. There are some airplanes that require some more work, but they are locked to editing. These are airplanes in the versions above standard. Please, allow modders to work on these airplane models. The community wants it, and it allows you to focus on other things.

The Community.

PS to all readers, please no Asobo bashing. They have delivered a work in progress product… which they have said all along. The purpose of this thread is to ask for them to unlock the other airplanes, not to bash the sim or company. We won’t get anywhere bashing the creator of an overall good product with potential to be great.

PS+ I am not advocating for users to get free airplanes that others have paid for… I am advocating for people who bought the package with those aircraft, unlocking the codability and .cfg files for editing and tweaking.


If you move this to Wishlist we can vote on it?

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I’ve moved the thread to #self-service:wishlist. I suspect there is already a thread on this issue already, but I do not have time to check. If anyone knows of one, please flag the topic with the reason ‘something else’ and provide a link to the existing thread so we can merge.

Thanks in advance.

Spread the word!

The community is doing an excellent job with mods to the standard aircraft.

Why Asobo are you preventing the community from fixing your premium aircraft?

I’m not purchasing the premium edition because Asobo is preventing mods to the premium aircraft.

Let the community mod the premium aircraft!


I don’t want this to be an Asobo bashing thread. Simply, a thread to draw attention to the fantastic efforts of modders, and to petition Asobo to allow work on other models to be done!


A good ol’ fashioned bump

I bought the Premium Deluxe package, personally I’m not bothered if others had access to the premium aircraft, as we’d all benefit if modders could access them to edit them, anyway the PD airports still would be unattainable to those who never paid for the higher package.

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I am not advocating for anyone to get free access. I am talking about unlocking the relevant files that modders need to work on the aircraft to improve them. You would only be able to use the mod if you purchased the airplane.

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Great idea. Why can’t they also use the mods in updates and incorporate them into the sim?

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Community mods is what make any flight simulator platform thrive.

So, Asobo, PLEASE open up the doors to the Premium and Deluxe content, so these very talented modders can do what they are great at and elevate the default airplanes to the level that us simmers enjoy. It is the key to success.

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It would be nice if the premium planes could be modded such that only premium purchasers could play them. Maybe Asobo can look into this.