Marketplace Holiday Sale Discussion

for some X-Box users, I have been seeing FS2020 Standard in the shop of the big “A” for less than 30euro for several weeks.
Maybe a nic3 gift ^^

Sadly not.

That is truly sad; I was waiting for it to fill the gap till Fenix/PMDG release their aircraft and also have a decent one in this category for a reasonable price.

I find current price a tad high considering the kinks it has, including absence of weather radar.

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Sales can have a positive impact for companies. I got Pyreegue EGPH on 20% discount last night and was so impressed with it I upgraded my already payware EGPF to Pyreegue EGPF at full price today. They have done a truly outstanding job of these two.


I am contemplating geting it for Christmas too. What other kinks has it other than weather radar?

I saw some reviews, caveat being they are a bit dated and dont really remember the specifics. However, I’ve seen Aerosoft continuously deliver improvements since then and in time it will great.

Current price point doesn’t work that nicely for me, personally. Coupled with the fact my sim isnt working since SU7 with CTDs I am holding off, for now.

But then I am sitting on the fence and who knows, I may cross over :wink:

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I don’t see it on discount at orbx. Marketplace downloads unfortunately dont work with me and introduce CTDs.

Too bad, yes just an internal marketplace discount it would seem, probably the same goes for most. If I get CRJ I’ll likely buy direct from Aerosoft. Spitfire I was tempted by with 20% off, but only old version on marketplace.

Ok, who has experience with landmarks and do they cause CTD on Xbox? I’d like if to know if they definitely stand out better than anything default, specially at night as I’d assume lighting in general has been improved.

Glad you like it - it looks fantastic. I would jump on it as it’s my local airport but I’m on xbox, so doing the waiting game :grinning: (I spoke to the creator over on the Orbx forum and he says it will be coming for console at some point).


EGPF is my closest airport. Was using UK2000 version which is great, but I couldn’t resist Pyreegue’s version.

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No Carenado sale this winter?


I have the Seattle landmarks and have had no CTD’s with the add on, probably have had it for a month or 2 now. I also have the Vancouver International add on and fly between Seattle and Vancouver quite a bit, makes for some nice views. XBox X.


Chicago landmarks don’t buy it I’ll tell you now you can’t spawn in midway or Ohare airport immediate CTD on the Xbox X and S


Anyone got the Spitfire by Flyingirons on Xbox series x?

i have it
i like it and have flown it a lot
i have mostly all the planes
except some of the ones that suck
i have a lot that suck too
don’t forget about the p-40

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I’m considering buying this so also interested to read opinions for the Spitfire.

I have it , heck I have almost every addon but yes this is a must have plane . She flies beautifully handles the skies very well . A true iconic plane worth the purchase hands down


That is cool. but you are missing out on alot of fun. Sim works great and the planes awesome. I just purchased the P38 what a blast to fly

Not parting with a penny on the marketplace until we get updates that aint released with known game breaking bugs then have to wait and wait and wait and wait some more for fixes, been a month now since downgrade 7 was unleashed on us and still no fix. DEPLORABLE!!!