MB-339 | Maneuverability changes since last FS2020 update

Please note that this is an observation and not a criticism.

I often fly the MB-339 in close-to-ground scenarios since I like its very agile flying.

Meanwhile, I think the last MSFS update changed something in the plane maneuverability as I often crash in scenarios where I would normally have been able to handle the plane properly. More precisely, it seems that pulling up (the nose that is) is somewhat less reactive than before.

Anyone else noticed this change in the plane dynamics?

Have a nice day, fellow pilots.

I encounter just the same after update. Throttle adjustment is not possible, flying slower and slower ending up crashing. If I am possible to land, rudder dosn’t respond. Aircraft don’t stop
update 1,13,16,0
My instrument on screen disapired (not in airplane) they were always on when END was activeted,
aircraft seen from outside.

PC as follow;
Intel core i9, 10900F 2,8 GHZ
RTX 3070 8GB
1 TB M,2 SSD
Win 10 Home

Hi @Rotorman123,

I noticed no issues with the throttle or other controls, just the flight dynamics change.

For your instruments, I don’t know as I fly in VR and almost never use the view you’re using. Maybe they changed / reset the default display in this mode. There may be a key or option to bring the information back.

Hope you can resolve your issue.