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Hello everybody
I am writing to you for support in using the A32x MCDU
loaded the flight plan from simbrief, I go to set in the flight plan, the departure with the runway.
why at a certain point of the flight the plane takes a completely different direction and I am forced to remove the pilot car to recover the route and then approach ILs?
Where is my error?

Have you read the instructions or watched any tutorial videos on basic principles using an Airbnb mcdu?

Yes, I red it on documetantion
But something went wrong

I don’t think you read enough

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Check to make sure your flight plan is complete. After importing from simbrief, assign your SID, your STAR and approach, then go through your entire flight plan to make sure you don’t have F-PLN DISCONTINUITY on them. If you do, just clear them using the CLR button, and check your flight plan again. Make sure you have a continuous flight plan from your departure point to the destination. And you should be good.


Not sure about the “completely different direction” part of the statement. If the aircraft is following the flight plan in NAV, and you do hit a DISCONTINUITY in the MCDU flight plan, the aircraft will provide an audible “triple click” sound and revert into HDG mode using the current heading. It should not change directions.

Also, the MCDU is only half, and frankly a small part of the total picture into what the A320 is doing at any point in time. You must check and understand what your FMA is telling you. That area on top of the PFD is where the Airbus tells you what the aircraft is doing. The FCU and MCDU are simply areas where you make requests of the aircraft - Short-term and long-term, respectively. The FCU tells you what the aircraft is actually doing.

Check for basic route issues as others have suggested, but ensure you have the flight management system actually doing what you intend it to do. The only way to know this is by interpreting your FMA. this isn’t a “tell me what that means “ type of thing if you aren’t familiar. You’d want to look this up as it will add to your understanding and enjoyment flying the A320.

Here’s a sample blog you can reference:

Probably difficult to notice if you’re away from your desk doing something else when it happens.

In the EFB under settings on import flight plan ,set it to none, then in main menu click import flight plan from simbrief
If you don’t do this it will screw up your flight plan
Also check flight plan for any discontinuities and delete them , so the flight plan created in simbrief matches what’s in the mcdu

Well, right but OP didn’t say they were away from their desk. If so, then it’s not an aircraft issue.

I’ll try to erase discontinuity f-plan

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how is erasable?

Probably shouldn’t be away from your desk then.

Again, sounds like you haven’t read enough

What is a pilot car? OP refers to a pilot car in flight. OP you really should study up more. Once you do you’ll love the aircraft.

So I should not have put out so much information on the Airbus FMA. if you’re asking how to delete a discontinuity, as others are stating, this forum may not be the best place to gain basic, critical knowledge to operate the A320.

Invest some time and study at least the basics. Plenty online and YouTube if you take the time to look.

It’s important to keep in mind that discontinuities happen for a reason and that deleting them is not always gonna result in flyable paths.

I heavily suggest reading up on IFR procedures and how arrivals/approaches work and connect (or don’t connect) so that you get routes that connect correctly.

Also: you will always have a discontinuity after a MANUAL leg, and it cannot be deleted.

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