Mega tiles in the menu (PC)

Why are the tiles so big? There could also be more planes per page instead of scrlling down to see more. I know it’s comfy for console players to have bigger tiles but PC menus could be a seperate thing from consoles for ease of use. I am sitting in front of a 30 incher and that isn’t even close to what others use. If it was touch sensitive i could prolly throw an electrically charged football at my screen and not miss the menu option i want.


@Sath please take a look at Options/General/Accessibility, then change the User Interface Scaling and see if it helps to make your tiles smaller.

You can resize the UI. In Legacy mode, you’ll have smaller cockpit tooltips also.

More about this,

Scaling is sort of helpful…but only so far…

The scaling of the ATC type pop out windows was broken in SU5 and in order to scale them to work on a different monitor the degree of scaling required results in a lot of the UI being actually too small.

I’ve found that airports and navaids etc on the world map are now so small that they don’t appear unless you are almost zoomed in right on top of them.

It’s something that they are going to have to fix for PC if they hope to get multi monitor support working properly.

Essentially I agree with the OP, there need to be better scaling options or two different UI styles because the needs of a user sitting 3m from a display are very different from the needs of a user sitting 60cm from a display.

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