Memory Issues

So, with this memory CTD issue (which hopefully is fixed ASAP) is there anyway to alleviate the issue until fixed? Flights beyond 5 hours are currently a 50/50 shot of being able to complete them

Increase pagefile size and disable buildings photogrametry. The latest increases memory load if you fly near photogrametry cities. If you don´t use photogrametry 4Gb-8Gb could be fine (I just get very few CTDs with that now). With photogrametry you may need to increase it to 16Gb but photogrametry currently kills performance so if you prefer stability you better disable it till it´s fixed.

And in addition to this after latest updates (at least after WU10) it seems many addons don´t override the original content meaning that the two (official and mod) are loaded and displayed at the same time, which also increases memory usage yet more. Catalina airport is one of those examples but I have also seen that Miami has duplicated buildings as well (most likely from LVFR airport addon).

With current situation (patch not arriving until end of august) just think twice and go for the stability if you want to avoid 2 months of headaches.


hello try this and tell me 15 hour flights without problems. smooth and stable


Thank you, I’ll probably disable photogrammetry then for the interim

that as you prefer The grace of MSFS is that if you deactivate it, it will be an ugly scenario for my taste… I have everything activated and in ultra and without problems thanks to the adjustment that I have made

without photogrammetry


well, at least the roads are not Green …

What memory CTD issue? Are you talking about PC or Xbox, and is Asobo aware of it?

If there is already another topic regarding the issue of which you speak, I’m not sure why we have another one now.

I still don’t believe in memory cleaners (maybe I just have no use for them), but I really like the power plan management feature of that application, so thanks for sharing it.

@HethrMasn why act so clueless when you’ve participated in may conversations about memory leaks?

We help each other here, not just make noise.

No memory leaks or CTDs related to memory leaks here. If we already had conversations about “this memory CTD issue”, whatever that is, there doesn’t need to be a new topic about it which totally ignores our prior conversations and recommendations. Not only is it lazy to create a new topic to avoid reading already existing topics, it makes it harder for the developers to track the issue (as well as any progress or non-progress made upon it).

I’m sure the mods will helpfully merge this into the right topic. But there’s literally an xbox beta for debugging the memory CTD issues live at the moment so acting like they don’t exist is disingenuous.

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