Meta bug: Feedback snapshot not capturing top issues

Hi there- and happy new year!

A bit of a meta bug. It looks like this bug (external touch screens don’t work) has had 20 new votes over the past 3 months: Touchscreen Support

However it is somehow not showing up on the top feedback snapshot under bugs above issues with less votes: Feedback Snapshot - Microsoft Flight Simulator

Could you please comment on why this is? Thank you!

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The Feedback snapshot “Last Three Months” captures topics that were created in the past three months.

It does not recognize new votes on legacy topics.

Neither has the bug about performance issues using popout windows. It’s one of the oldest bug thread on the forum - along with the touchscreen issue - and has more votes and posts than many of the votes in the feedback snapshot. Yet it always manages to fall under the radar. Dozens upon dozens of hardly voted bugs shot to the top of the list and have since been put to rest. Yet these still languish.

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Bear in mind as well, that the link you provided is to a wishlist item - not a bug report, (wishlist because this issue is asking for a change to the way the sim was made, as compared to a bug that is preventing proper working of the sim as released) and a wishlist will probably not receive the same amount of attention as an actual bug.

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Thanks for pointing it out Sevenflyer! In that case it it may be a bit nuanced but that thread seems misclassified as a wishlist instead of a bug. Eg if I had a 3080 GPU and only MSFS was experiencing a CTD with that GPU that’s a bug. It’s not an ‘enhancement’ to ‘add support’ for something the OS and drivers already handle and the Sim breaks.

The issue here is again nuanced, but MSFS’s glass displays (the WT versions that used in the Sim) are Javascript/HTML and there’s a issue with with JS touch handling where (as best as I can debug client-side) the html nodes are specifically blocking touch events from being passed down the stack that the Sim is otherwise properly handling it. This is a bug/problem with MSFS glass javascript code that’s breaking ‘working’ functionality.

I think first-class/proper touch support with additional features such a drag to expand to expand and the custom handling logic would be an enhancement but just unblocking what already works at the OS and Sim level is clearly a bug.

Let me know if that helps!

The reorganizaiton of the forum now sees bugs and wishlist items in the same category, differentiated by tags.

There really can be a fine line at times between “bug” and “wish”.

It is indeed a problem that the sim doesn’t handle the stack properly, but that is the way the sim was made, it wasn’t designed for touchscreen.
If the cause of the problem is something MSFS was built to be able to use, it is indeed a bug.
As you are asking for a change to the sim to accommodate touchscreens, MSFS considers that a wish.

I realize it probably isn’t the answer you had hoped for, but I hope this at least explains it!