Touchscreen Support

I’m kind of surprised this one doesn’t exist here yet, it’s been discussed in other sections.

Currently touchscreen monitors do not allow proper touch input, either directly in the sim or with the pop out panels.
This would make using the G3000/G5000 systems that have the (in-game) touch screens way more usable.

You can get partial support working by modifying the listener event in the javascript files but this is not a very good solution as it changes the way that mouse events are handled and requires a double tap to register the input.

Some of the other topics where this has been discussed:
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It would be really nice for home cockpit building to be able to pop out one of the touch screens like the TSC for the G3000 or the G3X PFD to a secondary touch screen monitor and use it from there with actual touch control instead of using a mouse. It would seem like this would be a no-brainer in this day and age of touch screens everywhere, yet the feature is lacking in this sim.

Aah, we meet yet again… Thing is, that with a tablet, these pop outs are brilliant to use. Try flight planning with the TBM on tablet and then try your shiny touch screen monitor and compare. In fact I have to keep reminding myself that the touch screen even has a touch function and when I do, I start swearing and cursing and blasph (edited due to lack of server space)

Well, this is a late reply.

The thing is, I have tried with a tablet and external touch screens (using Air Manager). Touch simply doesn’t work. Like AT ALL. All touching one of these popped out instruments does is give focus to that screen and kills all controls of the plane (yoke, throttle, pedals).

I highly suspect this is an issue with screen resolution and aspect ratio scaling, because at one point, touch did somewhat work. It was awkward, but did at least do something. Now, it doesn’t do anything any more.

Would be great if I could use my touch screen monitor as a pop out screen for my EFB on the CRJ and A32NX. I am sure more EFbs will be coming down the pipe also.

I have a Touchscreen Monitor as 2nd Screen for Charts and other software and as soon as i start the Simulator the Touchscreen function seems to be dead, absolutely no reaction.
When i close the sim the Touchscreen is working again.
I dont think that this is Windows 10 related because i can see this behaviour only with FS2020.

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Well, how things turn around. The TDS GTN750 is brilliant and the best touchscreen program I have ever used on a Windows touchscreen.

TDS touch screen program has nothing to do with this thread. It’s a standalone 3rd party app that runs the Garmin trainer externally to the sim. Although I’ll agree it’s a ■■■■ sweet add-on.

What we want is popout windows from the sim (TBM and Longitude touch screen, G3X, PMS50 GTN750, etc) to be able to work with touch screens when popped out.

From what I’ve read the pms50 750 will work on the touchscreen included in the RealSimGear 750 unit. I’m going to keep looking to confirm.

I’ll believe that when I see it. Right now, any popped out windows from the sim don’t work on touch screens.

This is what I came here hoping for. I LOVE the PMS 750 and can’t fly my Arrow without it. I am finally getting my humble sim pit set up to be as mouse-less as possible, and I thought, hmm, I have an iPad and an iPhone, I can download a screen share app and use the 750 inside one of the other (both better, but the 650 isn’t able to pop out), but it doesn’t work. I searched for answers and thought it was something I needed to change, like a new app, and found this thread.

I don’t mind buying the TDS program, but I’m worried if it will have adverse effects on the built-in JF screens. One thing I use a lot is the on-screen charts from Navigraph. It’s likely, based on experience with similar from Xplane devs, that it’s not going to be able to update with Navigraph or use any charts. Bummer.

Please, Asobo, fix this because it is a much-needed feature for those of us who treat this as a learning platform instead of gaming.

Any updates on this Asobo? Seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult to make pop out instruments to respond to touch inputs on an external touchscreen without taking focus away from your hardware peripherals.

I don’t fly any of the G3000/G5000/G3x airplanes because of this issue.

+1. This needs fixing.

It’s unfortunate that this issue has such low visibility because it’s a niche feature. Or lack of a feature, rather…