METAR keeps disrupting the weather/ bugged weather/Cumulus/CB clouds only/no medium to high cloud coverage


Best weather depiction ever. Su7 ruined the simulation forever…


Does Asobo even read these comments ? What’d you think ?

I just wish they could acknowledge that not all “scattered” and “broken” clouds are puffy cumulus. There used to be some lovely realistic thin cloud layers, pre SU-7. (2:48ish for example in the last video Perry posted). I’m not talking about overcast necessarily but all we get now are puffy clouds. I think all that happens now is that when the metar says BKN for example, the sim injects the “Broken Clouds” preset to that area. That would explain why everything always looks the same worldwide.


But BKN only states how much of the sky is covered with clouds. It doesn’t describe the clouds at all. It could be any type of clouds.

METAR is bad to use and create weather with. It doesn’t tell anything how the weather looks like.

For example where in this random METAR does it tell us exactly how it looks like at this airport? It’s really hard to make a believable looking weather using METAR-data. You need to look at the weather at that airport and what you see is accurate not the METAR.

BGBW 061450Z 23008KT 9999 FEW045 BKN095 BKN210 14/07 Q1007

FEW045= 1-2/8 of the sky covered at 4500FT
BKN095= 5-7/8 of the sky covered at 9500FT
BKN210= 5-7/8 of the sky covered at 21000FT

So bad description. Try make a picture with that and be 100% accurate to what it is there right now. You can start with cloud type, what type of cloud to use?

Here is an example of clouddata from meteoblue for one single coordinate on earth and every single coordinate is covered with data like this.

Press on the link on this page and you notice how much more detailed data Meteoblue has. And that is only for one single coordinate and for the clouds only.

Not easy to make METAR fit into that. Meteoblue doesn’t need to know the cloud-type. It has data to form correct cloudtype without knowing the cloudtype. It form thin clouds if it has data to inject thin clouds for example. And every single coordinate is calculated to fit globally. With METAR Asobo needs to set a specific cloud type. And that makes it look the same everywhere. Good example: Fog circle around airports with low visibility from METAR.

They has the data why not create METARs using Meteoblue data instead? I think they used Meteoblue data in ATIS at release, thats why it was not matching real METAR.

Or just copy and paste real METAR into ATIS then the correct runway will be assigned based on that information. Then let us have Meteoblue weather only deciding weather conditions. The weather always changing runway in use or IFR/VFR conditions doesn’t until controller says different.

Not always weather that decide runway in use anyway.

Air traffic controllers consider a number of things when deciding which runway to use. These can include:

  • number and type of aircraft operating at the airport
  • length of runway(s)
  • weather conditions (both present and forecast) - including wind velocity and gradient, wind shear, wake turbulence effects and position of the sun
  • availability of approach aids in poor visibility conditions
  • location of other aircraft
  • taxiing distances, including availability of taxiways
  • braking conditions.

Some airports also have ‘preferred runway’ systems. This means that if wind conditions, workload and traffic conditions allow, a particular runway will be used to move traffic as efficiently as possible while reducing the noise impact over residential areas.


Please don’t do that. :sob:
It creates incredible pain in me when I am reminded of what happened before SU7. I miss the long flights where I just spent hours looking out of the cockpit in the same view as in the video and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenario. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A shame what I see now when I start the game, together with the pseudothermics that came with the SU9 once again unplayable for me for months. I hope SU10 changes that, but basically I only expect the worst from Asobo. :zipper_mouth_face:


I totally agree with you. I am still not “over” the fact they have destroyed the live weather. It used to be so beautiful.


We are still using same simulator, that means it’s not impossible to have it as it was. I think it’s 2 types of weather streams. I really hope we could choose what type we want. That would make us happy that want the old weather system and those that like the new METAR blending as well. Win win for both types of users. Then they could improve both with different things.

Metar blending= improve accuracy to metar. I really dislike METAR forming weather.

Meteoblue only= add/improve data from meteoblue. I really like a smooth believable calculated weather system.

With this strategy they are using now forcing stuff that didn’t exist at the beginning will not make people happy or stay using the sim.


let’s see what SU10 will bring, i hope we will be suprised by the result

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Just 35 minutes to wait for SU10 beta release to find out… :slight_smile:

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someone on avsim stated there is no changes to the clouds in live weather. Can’t say that I’m surprised

Yea they look nore or less the same

clouds are the same than before, very disappointed

I think that if that thread or any other related to clouds depiction is not flagged as “bug-logged” then clouds will remain the same since Asobo is not recognizing there was a regression with SU7 and so no fix is planned. Very disapointed too. The “Native Support of all Cloud Types” functionality is definitively not implemented. Or maybe to be cleared for Asobo team, create a specific thread named “Native Support of all Cloud Types Not Working” and see if it will be flagged/acknowledged as a bug.
Also we could create a separate thread for the “32 Layers with Density, Shape, Fuzziness” funcionality not implemented. There are so many weather funcionalities from the original advertised ones ( Feature Discovery Series Episode 2: Weather - YouTube) that are not working or implemented that they should be precisely reported one by one. Or that Asobo clearly communicates that there is no plan to go back at the level it was at launch so we don’t spend time and effort in this forum for something with no future.

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I would say that if there are not major improvements in weather with the 40th anniversary release then we can for sure know they blew it with the change to metar and have no clue/desire to make it as good or better than before SU7. I still believe that HiFi is working on a new activesky behind the scenes. I believe they are good enough to implement something without MS/Asobo


From the SU10 beta:
It’s been a while since I’ve seen thick, solid OVC with large clouds but at Indianapolis Exec. there was some weather I haven’t seen in a long time.

Not major improvements but certainly better than before.


seen some improvement too

Better, but still far from pre SU7


this is how clouds should be


I’m no expert, but I suspect an airport is over there somewhere.


Yes it’s marked with a foglayer. Fly to the center of it and you find it :wink:


Definitely no improvement with SU10 for those who were hoping for it.
A shame and a crime what they did to the game with SU7. :weary: