MFG Crosswind rudder pedals query

My pc/flying chair is an office chair with castors. I had some Logitech rudder pedals which rolled the chair when I moved the pedals. I had the tension as low as it would go. My query is this. Would I have the same problem with the MFG pedals? I see there is an adjustable spring for tension but how loose can that make the pedal movement? Thanks for any replies.


To stop sliding around when using my rudder pedals I replaced the castor rollers on my gaming chair with glides. You can find office chair glides on amazon etc.
Hope this helps,

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Thank you Werner. I replaced my roller castors with castors with a brake when I sat on the chair. I am also a ham radio operator and need the chair to move around so I went back to the roller castors and sold the Logitech rudder pedals. I will look at the glides.
My chair is on a carpet.Thanks

Yes, the MFG’s have an adjustable spring at the front to customise tension. I had the same issue, my chair also having castors. It’s on carpet, and what I do is bring the chair in to position from the side, so that the castors are side on. That has more than enough resistance to stop me sliding backwards.

I have the MFG Crosswind rudder pedals and I also have a gaming chair on castors. The spring tension can be adjusted loose enough for me that I don’t push the chair around when using the pedals. The only thing I had to do was mount the pedals on a piece of plywood that is long enough to reach under my desk to the wall behind. Before I did this the pedals would slide forward on my wooden floor. Now they stay put.

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This is my simple home made solution to avoid sliding:

Made from a cheap IKEA HEJNE shelf with the middle board cut out. Works perfectly. I can push as hard as I want and it won’t move.


Thank you all for your input. Excellent. Good flying and Stay Safe.
PS. I am trying to decide between the MFGs or the VKBs which are more up and down. Any thoughts please?

The tension on both the rudder axis and brakes axis are adjustable on the MFGs, however even on the lowest setting I find the brakes still require a bit of force, and wouldn’t want to use them on a chair that is able to move freely. I replaced the wheels on my office chair with roller blade-type wheels that have a locking lever. That way I can simply lock just two of the wheels when I’m simming, and just flip them to unlocked when I’m not. They are the perfect solution for me.

Edit - like these:

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I am partial to MFG, their braking action is flawless, you can adjust tension as needed, their construction is solid, plus excellent customer support, you can talk to the guy who makes them. My landings became a lot easier, and I was finally able to fully control a tail dragger with this pedals. They are a great improvement, specially in cross wind landings, compared to the cheaper brands, Worth every penny, I bought this brand before I invest in the Bravo Throttles, still using the Saitek’s.

I use this for my chair. Bought on amazon

For the MFG, I’ve had it for a few years now and they’re great. Nothing to say. Compared to VKB or Virpil, it’s wood where the others are made of metal. But for the moment no sign of failure.
Next to it, I have a Virpil throttle which is excellent.
I don’t help you :slight_smile:

I don’t think any part of the MFG is wood

Of course. Shafts and bearings are made of metal.

All in black is made of wood (I have this model).
in French we call this wood “medium”.
I don’t know the name in English.

Wood is from trees - the MFG Crosswinds are made of thermoset composite material with phenolic resin. I’m not a chemist but I believe that the composite of this type is all synthetic material.


Thank you for your inputs guys. Much appreciated. I am leaning towards the VKBs trouble is they will not be available for some time.

To eliminate slide I mounted my pedals on a piece of plywood and put that under my desk.


Thank you for the photo AveragePlum5659. My problem is a sliding/moving chair, not the pedals.

The basic probable here is the seat and not the pedals. When your feet are on the deck, aĺ is stable, but when you lift them up…

I am a cheapskate. I tried castor cups under the castors, but this made it harder to get into the chair without the castors jumping out of the cups. My next phase of the masterplan, was a piece of bathroom carpet. This is the thick, shaggy, long pile version. Works well. So well in fact that the main problem now, is the movement of the pedals themselves, though on the whole, things are much improved. Phase C is to try some of the sliders mentioned above. Phase D is to get rid of the b****y chair and get a fixed base one.

Quite right - I’ve machined it on my mill while doing a damper mod.

Looks, machines and smells like SRBP… it most assuredly is not wood.

Thank you. I need my chair to be mobile so I have decided on the VKB pedals.

Can’t go wrong with either tbh, you’ll love the VKBs.