MFS2020 crashing on start up

Hi, since I have installed the latest NVIDIA drivers, my sim seems to be crashing on start up on black screen. Should I install a older driver version?

I would roll it back and see what happens.

If that isn’t the culprit you can always easily reinstall the latest one.

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Rolled back but this time its crashing on the loading part


I’m no techie, but probably the driver is not the issue here.

What’s in the community folder? I reinstalled Msfs and it fixed it a couple weeks ago.

Just some planes, two sceneries and FS Realistic

A couple of days ago before the driver updated, it worked fine if launched after starting my pc. When i started the game after some time my PC was running, it was crashing. But now even that doesnt work.

Try temporarily emptying your Community folder, then re-test.

I launched it in safe mode and it loaded to the main menu, when I opened the world map, it crashed.

How did you trigger safe mode? From a previous crash?

Yes, it was from a previous crash

Safe mode does disable all Community mods, even if the folder isn’t empty, so it doesn’t sound like its non-Marketplace content.

Have you tried disconnecting all flight sim peripherals except the mouse keyboard?

Rudder pedals
Logitech panels
Eye/head trackers

Disconnect everything except mouse, and keyboard, then re-test.

I’ll try that right now.

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Same thing, this time with empty community folder, everything disconnected and antivirus off

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I am seeing the same issue. MSFS2020 will not start, keep on crashing. Started this morning 20.Sep.2023 (Sri Lanka Time). Still experiencing the issue.

Removed the community folder. Still crashes.
Start in Safe mode. Still crashes.
Start in Normal mode. Still crashes.

I have been running the simulator from the very start on the same PC. This is the first time I am experiencing this issue.

Occasionally, sim loads. Like @KevinGamer6532 mentioned in one of his posts, opening the world map caused it to crash.

Removed throttle. Still crashes.

I am on Steam Edition.

Latest nVidia driver is not installed.

I have the latest nvidia driver, so seems like thats not the problem.

Just tried it again, this time it crashed before reaching the menu part.

Same problem here. I have tried all the same “fixes” and still get the CTD 3/4 the way through start-up. Should I consider uninstalling and a fresh install?

I guess we will have to wait for a update which fixes this, because I hardly believe its something wrong on our side now that i see other people have the problem too.