MFS2020 crashing on start up

Huh !!
I noticed the time on PC was few hours back. Corrected the time …
All good now !!! WTF ??

Let me try syncing the time.

Nope, its still crashing.

I’ll try firing up my sim tonight. I know I haven’t changed anything there in at least a month. Couple that with me not having had any in-flight CTD’s all year, I’m reasonably certain of my sims stability.

If I get crashes now, then perhaps there is more merit to the argument that online services could be causing this. In flight I get I can accept that, what with terrain streaming, Azure TTS, MP traffic etc. But during a sim load? Harder to accept, but one thing I did observe when I was having some broadband issues a few weeks back was when I was getting very slow speeds, due to a local issue between my firewall, and my broadband modem, the sim was taking a good 3-4 minutes longer to load. Available bandwidth had a huge impact on how long the sim took to start up, but even so I never had any crashes.

I think im gonna reinstall my sim

Try updating all the apps in Windows. Run a driver update tool then reboot. See if that helps.

Everything is up to date. Just launched the game and got into the main menu, but i noticed that the market place is unavailable

aaaaand it crashed again when i opened the world map.

now it doesnt even get to the loading part anymore, i give up, ill just reinstall it

I just got home, and checked mine. No issues launching the sim, and both the main map, and Marketplace are working for me. It doesn’t exclude it being an issue in your area, but its more likely something in your sim is broken.

I checked for missing files on steam but it didnt help.

I agree, this sim can give all sorts of different problems for different machines. Give this a shot. I had the no marketplace/crashing on launch, and found I had system corruption
You can copy, and paste these commands (Copy Control+C, Paste Control+V)
First, in your Windows searchbar. Type powershell, and right click it and run WIndows Powershell as an adminstrator
Second type or copy/paste sfc /scannow hit enter
Let the process finish, it will repair any errors if it can
Next type or copy/paste DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth hit enter
If it finds any errors
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth hit enter, and it will repair.

I even did a re-install of MSFS before performing these steps, it of course, didn’t help. The corruption wasn’t in the sim, but windows itself

Ok thanks, ill give it a try today

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Hope I did it correctly, let me restart my pc now and check the game out.

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Still doesnt work

Just noticed that nvidia has a new driver update. Installed that one, restarted my pc, launched the game, it loaded to the main menu, but at the same second when the main menu appeared, it crashed again.

darnitall. Might have to give this a shot. There are the steps here to manually remove, and re-install Microsoft store

Now, there is also this. Your Windows was defo corrupted. What corrupted it. Typically unstable, or bad memory will cause this. Try a good run of OCCT. OCBASE/OCCT : Free, all-in-one stability, stress test, benchmark and monitoring tool for your PC do a memory test for 1 hour. Leave the rest of the settings as is. Only changing the duration of the run, to 1 hour

Could MS store be the issue?

Ok I did the steps.

Possibly. Do you have anything else installed from the Store, and do they work?

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