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It might be called the Little Bird but it packs a serious punch as a Gunship. This versatile workhorse of the sky needed to be brought into the squadron for MSFS.

We made use of this fantastic model created by Form5 [] and @kingdmac3365 rebuilt the internal cockpit from the ground up.

One of the ground breaking features in MSFS is the special feature enabled by the MH6 by hitting “Alt N” or toggling the switch in the cockpit for Navigation lights. This fires off the search light on the helicopter to locate your target on the ground, or follow a path with little or no visibility.

We hope you like this addition to the hangar :slight_smile:


Looks interesting! In the video, the flight path looked strange, not very helicopter-like. I am at work right now, but will definitely give it a try tonight

I’m a huge fan of the MD500 so I’ll give it a try but the Bell47 is hard to beat right now in terms of a legit helicopter flight model for MSFS.


Okay, first impressions:
Could not find any documentation in the download, not any options to adapt the flight model to different control setups or skill levels.
The helicopter shows up in the Propeller category, with no technical data given, not in Others like the H135 and Bell 47G.
I started up with running engines on the runway, just to give it a first quick spin. Sounds with collective down are “wap-wap-wap” and there is a gap in the sound loop every 30 seconds or so, which is very annoying.
With collective at zero, as soon as I move the anti-torque pedals the helicopter moves on the ground.
Cockpit is very basic. The only functioning button I could find turns on the search light.
Trying to hover feels very strange, nothing like the H135 or Bell. Reaction to collective is … weird? It’s all downhill from there for me, gave up after a few minutes.

I am no real-world helicopter pilot, just a big fan of the two existing helis in MSFS. So don’t trust my first impressions, instead try it yourself. The MH6 is donationware, which I find a good compromise. Would definitely pay for a good new helicopter. But in this state, it’s not for me.


Thanks for your feedback. Yeah the H135 is a hard act to follow (Haven’t tried the Bell 47G).

Hopefully with the upcoming official VTOL aircraft coming to MSFS, we’ll get proper support for this type of flight model to improve it :slight_smile:

Sorry for the not-so-enthusiastic feedback. I totally understand that there is no support for helicopter flight models in MSFS at the moment. Implementing a flight model from scratch takes an incredible amount of dedication, time and skill. The H135 has certainly set the bar very high for everybody else! I am sure there are people who will enjoy the MH6, and with more support from MSFS it will hopefully get a more realistic flight model in the future :smiley:

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Totally appreciate the feedback ! We’ve had to thicken our hides due to more scathing responses we get on other places like Reddit, Youtube but this forum has always been great for feedback that is honest and constructive !


The MD-500 with casual tail rotor and NOTAR tail, and the JetRanger III are my favorite helis so I would highly appreciate this add-on. The Hughes 500 OH-6 Cayuse variant has the most beautyful tail rotor protector.

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Hey mate I’ll look into it, I can make a variant livery like the armed and unarmed version currently there. Check back soon

Updated a version of MH6 to use AirlandFS like the R44:

You will need to download “” if you don’t already have it, extract it somewhere (I keep mine in the Community folder for convenience).

Launch the game, spawn the helicopter of your choice in the game, then run the AirlandFS.exe app to get the flight model demonstrated in video below:


I’ve enjoyed a video-like flight with that famous MSFS helicopter for a long time, but the helicopter has become a blunt cow for realism.
(My fligt videos r upped youtube id “furafff” included by MH6 ttps://
The May old version of H135 was a god of salvation for me, but it was also buried by SU6.
The MH6 is great, and if I pay attention to the rear setling stall, I can enjoy various ways of riding.
I think it’s now the only option for anyone who wants to ride a helicopter like me.
Due to the influence of SU6, the entire cockpit glass has become cloudy glass. But that’s the only problem, and everything else is going well.
By the way, it’s great for running around in the sky, but it’s very difficult to control the elevator (pitch) when hovering and landing.
This is the only problem.
No matter how much you try to stabilize the altitude, you can’t.
Is there any good way?

The Bell 47G is amazing, but slow and very hard to fly. The problem I currently have with helis is they require another program to be running to make them fly correctly. I’m using the flyinside heli manager for the Bell but I think I’ll wait for MSFS to add helis (and their flight modeling) next year before adding anymore to my sim.

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Hi, just to check, are you flying the MH6 with AirlandFS ?

Yeah, a few of our mods’ cockpits with environment occluders look blurrier now after SU6 and will need fixing, including this one.

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thank you
I understand the problem with glass.
I think airlandfs is working.
It says that it is connected.
There are multiple versions of airlandfs, and it seems that there are also multiple mh6 cfg files, but I have tried several, and the difficulty of collective pitch has not changed.
It is easy to change the altitude by raising and lowering the nose while maintaining speed.
However, it is different when it is a little stationary.
It is very difficult to operate the collective to the descent side and keep the variometer at a slow descent.
Even with careful operation, the descent will stop quickly and sometimes rise. The above is repeated even if the lever is lowered to maintain the descent. As a result, the lever will be lowered to the limit.
If I try to keep the slow descent by moving the collective boldly from the beginning, it will then descent at an accelerating rate, probably leading to a " settling with power stall".
No matter what I do, I will no longer be able to decelerate and I will be hit on the ground.

I also took a video, but I thought it wasn’t a good explanation, so I wrote it down.
I’m sorry for being long.
Thank you very much.