Will the Lighting Artifacts Get Fixed Again Next Week? Do They Even Know About it?

I’ve been having a difficult time describing the return of our lighting bug with objects post-update. But I noticed it in this video. You can have a quick glimpse of what I’m talking about, artifacts or streamers associated with clouds.

It starts around 1:07-1:08 as the helicopter flies by but if you blink, you’ll miss it. We also see this at airports as we pass light poles on takeoff and landing. I’m also seeing the streamers in a variety of other situations too.

Is this known? Will it be fixed again soon?

Continuing the discussion from MH6 Little Bird Helicopter:

Have you reported this on zendesk?

Why would they?
We’re getting a World Update, not a Sim Update.

I believe those streamers are an artefact of TAA, and have always been there.

Of course. My concern is this time 'round it didn’t get noticed like it did following the UK update.

World updates have always bring also some changes in the msfs executable, sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worse (remember WU3).


Because it’s a bug.

They showed up after the UK update along with some other lighting issues. They fixed it with a hotfix. It was fine until SU5 when they came back, so I’m hoping someone other than me noticed in here otherwise we’ll be flying with it for a while.

That has nothing to do with a World Update.
It may be addressed in the next Sim Update.
Can you see the difference?

Sometimes they combine things into both updates, along with hotfixes as well. There will be some sim updates in the next world update.


oh ok…so no bug fixes with the World Update. :grinning:

FYI there are bug fixes coming in WU6


You seem to possess knowledge most of us do not.
Do you care to share what these bug fixes will be in the next World Update?

And if that’s how things work, can we expect World Updates in the next Sim Update?

It’s there for all to see, it seems you are the only one without the knowledge, not “most”

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