Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on sales and discounts

$10 for the Wildcat. Pretty tempting.



Thought it worth mentioning in its own thread…

The above dev is currently running sales across various stores (inc. the Marketplace). They’re also this winter in the process of updating three of their early airports to v2: Montpellier (released yesterday), Bordeaux and Biarritz. These updates will be free for existing users so now is a good opportunity to basically grab the v2s at half-price.

Their recent Brest is indicative of the standard of v2 products — excellent detail and performance — so at around 50% off they’re going to prove really good value once the updates are available.

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Better to put sales in the thread that people have subscribed to so they see it…

So… what are the Black Friday sales?

Orbx is already doing up to 50%

Flightbeam up to ~40% off

Contrail shop

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Maybe there’s something I’m missing but I always find Orbx store to be the worst to navigate. I just want a list of MSFS items currently on sale but I can’t find a way to view that. The app isn’t any better either. The other stores seem to make this simple task possible.

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In the Orbx Central app, click on Discover on the top menu bar next to the company logo on the left.

You’ll be presented with a world map. All the icons coloured red are discounted (purple icons are those you already own, grey ones are not discounted nor purchased).

Not a list, but better than clicking on each product page and hoping.


Indeed. I always find it frustratingly difficult to check out discounts on Orbx.

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GSX Pro 40% off

FlyingIron Sale

Yeah, way easier in Contrail.
Well had to get about a dozen airports. Good sale. :smiley:

Same for me.

(10 Chars)

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The SWS RV-10 and RV-14 are both $1.99 in the Marketplace sale, which is amazing. Both are really nice, detailed planes that are fun to fly.

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