Microsoft Flight Simulator - "Game Of The Year"

Oh I used to hate your videos, made me want to throw my PC out the window. Now, all I can feel is empathy for XBOX users. My sim is very much playable, but it won’t run unti XBOX does.

This is very true. It’s great more PC users are seeing this.

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Excellent idea and they should do the same with those who claim they have no issues. Nothing better than to compare a bad system with a good one.

Just out:

Yesterday after the release of World Update IX: Italy and Malta, Xbox and Xbox Cloud Gaming users began to hit a crash on launch that prevented them from playing the sim. We released a server-side fix this morning to prevent any further Xbox or Xbox Cloud Gaming users from hitting this crash. At this time, we are actively working on the fix for users currently unable to launch the sim and plan to release a hot fix as soon as possible.


Hopefully soon, I also hope it’s fixes some other issues with DLC crashes too.

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MS is on to the issue. Update on Xbox and Xbox Cloud Gaming Launch Issue - Microsoft Flight Simulator


They are giving SU10 two months of development time. That is why they have released WU9 and next month will be WU10. SU10 will come around July time and that is supposed to be a heavy centric bug fixing patch. Let’s see if it does any good and put a lot of focus in the beta testers to see what is going on when it is deployed to them.


I came to mine by paying attention to the threads on this forum, and by using common sense.

So you have some then.

Enough to not make baseless assumptions rooted in my own interpretations of an anecdotal comment about forum use percentages, yes.

You have yourself a pleasant day. :+1:

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Completely agree with what you say and as Vr user, the Sim is unusable for me .

Thats good, but it also confirms one thing :- server-side code can cause CTD’s…


I think it’s possibly a major reason why people can have such wildly different simming experiences, and why it’s seemingly very hard to reproduce the majority of these CTD’s every time.

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What they did on the server side was a workaround. The hot fix is a new .exe for the client to get the real problem solved.

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It was GAME OF THE YEAR during SIM 8 no doubt - but not is it GLITCH OF THE YEAR …

Oops sorry, didn’t notice the xbox tag on the post until now!

Typically when server side stuff causes crashes, it’s a 2- sided thing. The server is delivering bad / badly formatted data. What actually causes the crashing is non-working, insufficient, or non-existent error handling code on the client side.

The client is expecting very specific data in a very specific format. If it receives something out of spec or a null reply and tries to execute the instruction anyway, you can end up with a crash or other issues. Something needs to be in place to validate the received data before it’s executed. I’m convinced the majority of non-addon issues are caused by this issue.

So from the post, it seems like they found what on the server side was sending out the bum data and fixed it. Now they’re working to patch the other side of that on the client so it can’t happen again.

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Granted. I made the unforgivable mistake of comparing a flight simulator to a flight simulator.
I didn’t consider games with a thematic ending.

Patch for xbox is out (in beta)

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